Winter is a lean time in the Forest Kingdom’s woodlands. Most frontier communities lay their seasonal workers off after the harvests, and until the spring, many workers prospect, trap or ride the frontier searching for bounties on bandits, or become bandits themselves, to survive.

This fall has grown cold, and while the harvest still looks good, increasingly cold, dark days hint of a winter filled deep with snow to come. TR 1049-50 is threatening to be a “Wolf Winter”, when the rivers freeze solid and the wolves, or worse, come down out of the mountains, hungry and thirsting for blood. During these times, the local lords often offer a bounty on wolf hides and goblin ears, and unemployed hands and adventurers drift into the border towns in the frontiers, seeking to earn a living.

Chapter One : What Follows in Shadow


What started on the 2nd of Savor, “The Fading” in the trade town of Hexwater, has led to uncovering ancient truths of the origins of the land of their youth, and immersed the adventurers in the politics of the realm of Thornkeep. As the threat of war grows near, and the snows pile drift upon drift, the adventurers are close to discovering the origins of not only their foster father, Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow, but possibly something of where they themselves came from… and where they’re going.

Thieves & Kings

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