Acolyte Taronnel

Young Acolyte of Sarrok


Medium Humanoid, Neutral

Armor Class : 13 (Chain Shirt)
Hit Points : 18 (2d8+2)
Speed : 30’

STR 13 (+1), DEX 11 (+0), CON 12 (+1), INT 10 (+0), WIS 15 (+2), CHR 11 (+0).

Skills : History (+2), Intimidation (+2).
Senses : Passive Perception 12
Languages : Common, Dwarvish.
Challenge : 1/4 (50 XP)

Spell-Casting : Taronnel is a 1st-Level spellcaster. Her apell-casting ability is _Wisdom (Spell Save DC 12, +4 to hit with spell attacks).
Cantrips (At-Will) : Light, Sacred Flame, Thoumaturgy
1st Level (3 Slots) : Bless, Cure Wounds, Shield of Faith.


Warhammer : Melee Weapon Attack : +3 to hit, reach 5’, one target.
Hit : 6 (d8+1) bludgeoning damage or 7 (d10+1) bludgeoning damage (2-Handed).

Dagger : Melee Weapon Attack : +3 to hit, reach 5’/range 20’/60’, one target.
Hit : 4 (d4+1) piercing damage.


Acolyte Taronnel is a young priest-in-training, sent with Sword Brother Eldrast to establish the Shrine of Battle, a small church dedicated to the Gray Slayer. She is studying church history and doctrine, but this aspect of her learning takes a back seat to her combat training and knowledge of how to defeat both the undead and other monsters of the dark. All she has learned has been through the tales of fallen heroes and ancient battles by firelight.

Taronnel has the makings of a good adventurer, partly through hands-on hunting of undead and other dangerous monsters that have arisen in the local community, but mostly because she pays attention and is actually learning. She seems to have some knowledge of proper court etiquette, hinting her past as a noblewoman’s daughter.


Acolyte Taronnel

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