Princess Adrianna Warduke

The War Duchess


Princess Adrianna Warduke is the ruler of Shem, and the holder of the Oak Seat, the legendary relic of the Realm of the Stag, which grants its owner many arcane abilities, and is considered to grant claim to the title of Overthane of the Grandwood Clans.

Eldest child of Prince Stephen Darius Warduke, and Lady Olivia Promethian Greenhaven, she has two younger brothers, Lord Kristus and Lord Valen. Lord Kristus is a quiet, sympathetic man who serves the realm by closely assisting the Lord High Chancellor, Lord Valliance on matters of trade and finance, but ruling is not in his nature. Lord Valen is the handsome, investigative man who is still sent around the realm in the Warduke name, acting as his older sister’s agent in matters that she cannot directly be involved in. He has never been keen on rulership of the realm, rather enjoying the freedom earned by the Warduke name, with the wealth afforded by it to go his own way, though he is as loyal as his brother to his sister’s rule.

Of average height and weight, she is a noted swordsman and always dresses to suit the occasion; equally at ease in ballroom gown or forester’s gear. Her hair is noted as being the coppery red of her father’s clan, her eyes blue, and her complexion both fair and speckled with a great number of freckles. She has retained her athletic nature, sparring with her officers in the castle commons or when she travels, and thinks nothing of the difficulties of a military lifestyle.


Born in TR 1001, Adrianna Warduke was born in Seville, the City of Greenwalls, capital of the Forest Kingdom and raised by her mother to be the perfect queen, however her temperament was more like her father’s and she constantly rebelled against her precise schooling in rulership and ladylike attributes.

In TR 1017, when her younger brother was “Sheared”, Adrianna insisted she too be Sheared. Over the strong objections of her mother, who wanted her to stay and be engaged to the young Baron Waterthorn, her father permitted her to leave the family and prove herself to her clan, and the nation itself. Under an assumed identity, she spent three years of rough life as a town guardsman in Westwind. When her hitch was up, she returned home to Seville to an approving father and a distantly sullen mother.

As a youth, Adrianna was notably rebellious, fighting her education and running from her lessons to go riding and hunting. Upon return from her Shearing, she had settled down somewhat and converted her rebelliousness into a mature independence. She still preferred the outdoor life, and spent most of her time avoiding politics and arranged marriages. Though her father had never mentioned an heir to the realm, it was widely known she was her father’s choice.

During several years as the commander of the western cohorts in the Fellreeves March, she returned to court with a pair of children; their father remained unknown, though she admitted them to being from a highland noble clan. Some claim her isolation was to cover their birth, but to this day, their father’s actual identity has never been revealed. These children, the eldest Lucien (born TR 1038 ) and the younger Argentia (born TR 1040 ) are well-beloved by all, and are perfect miniatures of their grandparents.

Following her father’s death in TR 1042, the “Shemite Succession Crisis” led to her refusal to marry the heir of the Barony of Tauria, which promptly seceded, and she was voted into the Oak Seat by the Regent’s Council becoming ruler of the Forest Kingdom. She quickly dealt with various invasions and raids by both the the City-State of Crebain and the Shadow Dragon’s Remnant, and the remnants of the harsh Wolf Winter that brought another round of humanoid invasions from the Beast Shards. By TR 1043, her new realm’s borders were once more secure.

Today, the “Warduchess” has overseen various troubles with the same aplomb shown by her father, and she remains just as popular. She has overseen the colonization of the unruly border regions, notably the lands around and west of the Westlaws, as well as the downfall of their ancient rival, the Shadowdragon in Seareach Castle. Regent-Thane Charisma Pike remains a close ally, and Adrianna is known to support improving the marginal border regions north-east of Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails and the western march of the Greensward and the Barony of Freestead. She maintains good relations with the ancient Kingdom of Greysmere and the Kingdom of Imladris to the west, and is loosely allied with the relatively new eastern realm of the Ravensgaarde Republic.

Princess Adrianna Warduke

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