Fey Servant


Medium Fey, Neutral

Armor Class : 12 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points : 14 (4d6)
Speed : 30’

STR – 14 (+2), DEX – 15 (+2), CON – 11 (+0), INT 10 (+0), WIS 10 (+0), CHR 7 (-2).

Skills : Perception +2, Stealth +4.
Senses : Blindsight 60’, Passive Perception 12.
Languages : Common, Sylvan

Blindness : As a Nukkefeen, Anilda sees and senses only through her Blindsight ability, which uses sounds and movement. Beyond 60’, she is blind. If deafened, she is also effectively blinded.

Improvised Weaponry : Anilda can use shears, scissors, and kitchen knives as weapons, treating such items as daggers, and with no disadvantage.


Dagger : Melee Weapon Attack : +5 to hit, reach 5’, one target.
Hit : 5 (d4+2) slashing damage.

Stealing Eyesight : Once per day, as an action, Anilda may steal the eyesight of any creature or beast within range of her Blindsight. The target must make a DC 14 Wisdom save, or be Blinded until they take a short rest. Thereafter, she loses her blindness and blindsight ability for the same period of time, and gains all the vision properties of the target. If she dies before the end of the ability, the original target regains their vision. If the target dies, Anilda gains the powers of the creature’s vision for 24 hours. This ability is considered a curse effect, for questions of removal. This ability recharges each night, when the moon rises.


Anilda is an eerie fey creature, that resembles a human woman with oddly segmented limbs, waxen skin, and doll-like eyes.

Most scholars of the feywild posit that nukkefeens originated as experiments of a powerful Feywild creature, intended to act as assistants for research or servants in Fey households. Some have even connected the creatures with the high-elven Norn of the Kingdom of Evael, where in ancient times they served at court as master clothiers.

Nukkefeen eyes are glazed and unnatural, and though still quite limber, their knocked knees make their gait seem uneven and stiff. Most nukkefeen resemble human men or women, though many appear androgynous. Although some might call them pretty, their otherworldly nature and odd mannerisms turn most people off.

Nukkefeen have a peculiar sense of morality. For example, they loathe weapons and violence, but think that harming unpleasant people or animals with common household tools is a means to “fix” them. They are not inherently malicious, though they are obsessed with old abandoned castles and dungeons where great tragedies have occurred. They are likely to settle in abandoned homes and halls, which they tend to take care of and maintain in their own peculiar ways.

Anilda is a nukkefeen who some months prior to meeting the adventurers in mid-Shorn, TR 1049, stumbled through a misty gate from the Feywild, into the woods north of Thornkeep. Unable to find her way back, she was attracted to the manor at Thornkeep, drawn by its emptiness and the tragic past of its recent history. Obsessed by the deaths of the manor’s servants in the past few months, she has dressed herself as a common servant, and taken over much of their duties, grudgingly serving Wormgnash, the demon who claimed the estate in its service to Blackmaw the Night Hag.

In mid-Shorn, she was invited, in the wake of the destruction of Thornkeep Manor, to visit and stay in the Fallen Tower Vaults at Green Dagger Farm. She chose to do so, and finding the history and tragedy of those ruins much to her liking, has remained, cleaning the depths on a regular basis, and mending the clothing of those who chose to stay therein. She seems content, for there are many rooms to maintain, and things to fix.

Anilda has managed to broker something close to a friendship with Dame Kahli of Whiterock, “The Green Flame”, and the two often spend late nights talking and chatting about the fey realms, while Kahli learns to speak Anilda’s native tongue, Sylvan.


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