Arianna Redfern

Captain of the Blue Basilisks


Captain Arianna Redfern is the captain of the Blue Basilisks, a bold Shemite swordswoman with proud features and striking scarlet hair. She believes that Thornkeep represents an interesting opportunity – a strong and decisive leader could clean up the streets, put an end to the rule of one thug after another, and make herself a landed noble.

Her favored lieutenant, Dame Mirashi Venom, is a highly capable banner knight, who is also rumored to be her lover. Dame Venom bears no family crest, but dressed in plate armor and with her spurs, she seems out of place in this sleepy village, and sneers at everyone she meets.


The Blue Basilisks, a band of swords-for-hire led by Captain Redfern, are based from a relatively new stone barracks hall located on the south part of Thornkeep Green. The barracks are simple, but has its own small compound with a kitchen and a stables for the unit’s few mounts. A prominent timber plank next to the front door to the barracks, features a collection of handbills, bounties and notices – the company is more than willing to hire out a few extra swords for a few gold pieces to provide the muscle an employer might need for any task. There are only a dozen veteran members of the band, and half are usually away on contract.

The mercenaries are always on the look-out for new recruits – anyone who can demonstrate at least some fighting ability, and can take orders, can enlist in the company. Recruits are usually hired to provide the bread and butter jobs for the company; guarding caravans bound for Hexwater, but they also escort adventurers to nearby ruins and help the Baron when he decides a group of bandits has gotten too big and is a threat to his rule. They charge 20 sp per day, plus expenses (such as food and replacement weapons like arrows or bolts). Those with a record of reliability and results, could be invited to join the standing force of the Blue Basilisks, and provided space in the barracks.

The band’s crest on their shields and bright blue cloaks, mark them apart from most locals, and make them easy to identify.


While the mercenaries have ebbed and flowed in number over the last few years, as contracts have come and gone, they have usually numbered around a dozen.

Following the “Night of Teeth”, on 30th of Uktar, TR 1049, they have become the defacto defenders of the main tower keep of the Blackshield clan, and are hired to have a hand of their veteran troopers present at all times. This represents 10-12 gp per day income to the mercenary company, and they have begun looking to expand their numbers to meet the new demand for their services. Previously, either Arianna or her lieutenant Mirashi were always located at the keep, though they have since begun spending more time in planning their merchant escort services.

With the nearing of the end of winter, and the apparent halting of war against monsters from the northern portions of the realm, has reduced their need in the castle. As a result, they have been reduced in their number for the coming months, while the rest begin to look for convoy escort work, the usual tasks for this group, as spring arrives.

Arianna Redfern

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