Baron Tervin Blackshield

Lord of the Stonewalkers


The latest in the line of petty despots calling themselves the Baron of Thornkeep, Baron Tervin Blackshield, the “Wolf Baron” is a brooding, sullen brute of a man of forty years of age with seemingly terrible secrets from his past. Baron Tervin was noted as having an avid interest in hunting, frequently spending days at a time in the deep, haunted portions of the Echo Wood. He and his predecessors have often enriched themselves at the town’s expense, meaning he was constantly penniless. The Barons of Thornkeep have always been known for their empty vaults.

The Baron’s wife is Lady Ivis Blackshield, a stern aristocrat descended from minor nobility in the City-State of Crebain; together, they raised their two children, his elder daughter and heir, Lady Neria Blackshield, and his younger son Master Halst Blackshield.



Little enough is known of Baron Blackshield’s origins, though he is believed to have been a hedge knight who used his sword-arm to gain himself this lordship. In 1044 TR, he and his mercenary followers unseated the resident mage-lord, Baron Velmar, and took over control of the castle and its lands. Within weeks, his wife arrived with several loyal servants and guards, and his clan’s control quickly became assured.

For years, Blackshield maintained a tenuous hold on the realm, and its infrastructure barely ensuring taxes were paid and proper dues collected to keep his clan solvent and his troops loyal and supplied with gold and beer. The constant in-fighting between rival factions has ensured no one has enough power to challenge his control over the lordship.

On the night of the 30th of Uktar, TR 1049, now known in Thornkeep as “The Night of Claws”, it was revealed during the monthly moot, that Baron Tervin was actually a powerful werewolf “captain”, someone who called himself the Lord of the Stonewalkers. His three yeomen and two of his sergeants were revealed to be werewolves, though only he and one of his sergeants managed to escape into the night, escorted by a pack of howling wolves.

At present, his whereabouts remain unknown.

Baron Tervin Blackshield

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