Blackmaw the Night Hag



Blackmaw the Night Hag, is an ancient creature, long since having abandoned her fey traditions in a quest for some sort of personal task only she is aware of. Sly and subversive, she ultimately has an agenda of seeing the virtuous turned villainous; love into obsession, kindness to hate and devotion to disregard. She takes a perverse joy in the corruption of mortal lives and souls.

Her present location is unknown, though scrying efforts have revealed she may have relocated to a new “vine-grown lair”, similar to the one she previously had in the borders of the First World.


Blackmaw was not always a night hag; she was rumored to have once been something else, but was cast from the fey courts for her actions, and seems devoted to seeing all fey (and mortal) creatures suffer. It has since been revealed, that her previous name was likely Erilyn, a Duskthorn Dryad, and sister to Tiressia and her other dryad kin.

It has also been revealed that she was possibly a fey noblewoman by the name of MorĂ³, who acted as a guide and adviser to the Greatwyrm clan of Mosswater over the last few generations. It is suggested that this same creature led the last Baron, Hlanas Greatwyrm into worship of Kurse, the Corruptor, and ravaged their realm with an army of trolls. The exact reasons behind this effort remains unknown, but is believed to be linked to her search for the Elder Scroll.

Believing she was the one behind the rash of Dream Fever that swept the lands of Thornkeep, the adventurers tracked her to a lair in the borders of the First World, where they assaulted and looted the small outpost. Not without a price, however. She has not been seen nor heard from directly since, though her local agents, such as the Bailiff Setrew, and at least two green hags, are becoming increasingly active.

She seems uninterested in the the First World itself, and her involvement in the Marta’Tauri and the so-called “Border Court”, according to Sylessi has been severed. She has slowly been flexing various agents in the local community to cause distrust and chaos, which many, including the adventurers, seem to think is a precursor to her invading the realms of Thornkeep. That she has an interest in The Elder Scroll is without question, though her knowledge of its location seems to continue to elude her… for now…

Blackmaw the Night Hag

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