Master Kabran Bloodeye

Head of the Ironstone Thieves' Guild


“Don’t get between an orc and his earners, you tuskless hog.”

Master Kabran Bloodeye is a stout half-orc with blood-red eyes living in the town of Hexwater in the Forest Kingdom. Aside from his eyes, Kabran’s most characteristic feature is his missing nose, cut from his face long ago as punishment for his criminal activities, in Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails. He wears a bronze masked helmet over the ugly crater on his face which whistles as he sucks air though it, and dribbles blood and mucus that he wipes away with a crimson handkerchief.

Kabran wears a simple black cloak over his gleaming chain shirt, wielding a massive soot-streaked greataxe, an iron scimitar and numerous daggers.

Kabran is the master of the Ironstone Guild, a criminal syndicate in Hexwater, paying Master Thuldrin Kreed a percentage of its take. He is also the owner of the “The House of the Rogue Lady”, a cheap brothel that does double-duty as a gambling hall.



Typical Ironstone Guild Symbol

The Ironstone Guild is a criminal organization operating almost exclusively in the town of Hexwater in the Principality of Shem. It controls the town’s underground activities for Master Thuldrin Kreed, leader of the TImberwright’s Guild of the region.

The guild runs its operations from the local Courtesan’s cellars, which operate as a torture chamber where Kabran gleefully interrogates anyone suspected of crossing the local political situation. Its symbol is a commonly encountered, polished ironstone gem, often used by its members to identify each other.

Master Kabran Bloodeye

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