Thornkeep's Miller


Bounder is a former bandit, and not terribly good at his chosen profession, the resident miller. He and his sons with their families, produce a rough flour from rye and wheat, and bake travel breads that are common in local provisions, and among the local foresters. They are also the only regular source of oats in the village.

Their stone ovens bake rye (5 cp per loaf) and wheat (1 sp per loaf) breads, and oatmeal (20 sp per 30-lbs sack) is also available. Rye flour (15 sp per 30-lbs sack) and wheat flour (30 sp per 30-lbs sack) are also available in limited quantities.



When Bounder and his family came to the village, they took over the old franchise from Baron Tervin Blackshield, though rumor claims he does not have credentials as a guildsman of the Miller’s Guild. Nonetheless, they have filled an important niche in the local economy, and are a welcome addition to the community.

Of all the community, this clan seem the least affected by all that has been going on. Demand for their grains remains undiminished, and they have stayed out of the politics of the village for as long as they have lived here, further isolating them from community affairs. They just seem to prefer to keep to themselves.


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