Small Fey Beast, Unaligned


Callum is the fox-form spirit, summoned by Bresal Darkharrow to act as his familiar, taking the form of a Firefoot Fox. Fascinated by fey things, it seemingly has a mind of its own when confronted by these features, and has proven quite independent minded. Callum loves three things; attention, delicious foods and drink. When not presented with these things, Callum garners attention from all around him by both subtle and increasingly outlandish behaviour. He demands only the finest chocolates, the sweetest of meads.


Callum was first summoned in 21st Savor, TR 1049.

Callum was squished by a large boulder on the 1st of Shorn, TR 1049, and upon returning to Thornkeep, Bresal summoned him once more.


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