Chieftain Darioth Wolfmane

Barbarian Warrior


The warrior Darioth Wolfmane was (is?) an honored chieftain of the Wolfmane tribe, and the recognized chieftain of the encampment north of Thornkeep. Darioth is a tall, athletic woman not yet past the prime of her third decade, with a remarkable set of scars from a dire bear she slew in her youth. She was incredibly well-traveled, and often proved very difficult to deceive.

The Wolfmane tribe has fiercely protected “their” portion of the forest from active logging and hunting by Thornkeep’s folk, and constantly reminded the locals that of who was really in control of the local forests. Chief Darioth and Baron Tervin Blackshield shared a unique dynamic, frequently butting heads in open council, but still holding civil exchanges when one’s people were being unfairly treated. It has since been rumored that the two were lovers.

Darioth occasionally extended the friendship of the Wolfmane clan to individuals who earned the trust and respect of the tribe. Known as the “Wolfmark”, it involves a ritual at their camp, and the presentation of a hooded wolf cloak, something all local huntsmen can identify and acknowledge. The thugs and outlaws of Thornkeep had long since learned to be careful of insulting or injuring anyone the Wolfmanes had declared their friend, since the barbarians were known to hurt anyone who hurts their allies.

Today, the exact disposition of Darioth and her people, remains unknown, but most believe she and her tribe are a danger to the community.



The Wolfmane tribe is one of numerous ancient forest tribesfolk, who have claimed the Echo Wood as their hunting-grounds centuries ago, during the reign of Korob and the Amber Mages. Several small communities of the Wolfmanes were scattered throughout the large forest, though none are nowhere near Thornkeep or the civilized portions of the forest.

However, a small number of Wolfmanes had made an encampment north of the town, and such proximity had generated a dynamic relationship between the people of the tribes and the local townsfolk. The barbarians visited the community to frequently trade with the civilized folk, and often hired themselves out as trackers, guides, or mercenaries. Many were actually visitors from other portions of the tribe, coming to Thornkeep to satisfy their curiosity about the town and its people, but increasingly, some stayed to begin a lifetime of travel and adventure basing themselves in the growing encampment.

This encampment today, consists of a half-dozen abandoned hide tents, with skinning racks, smokehouses and work areas. While it was believed that there were perhaps a hundred or more of their number in the local forests, but this was called into question, when they largely disappeared following the “Night of Claws”, when they were subsequently revealed to mostly be pure-blooded werewolves. Their numbers have been revealed to be much smaller than believed, but as a tribe they still represent a powerful and dangerous faction within the local woodlands.

Many suggest the former Baron, Tervin has gathered the remnants of this tribe to him, and that they are slowly biding their time, striking lone hunters and building their strength for the time to strike out against civilization once more.

Chieftain Darioth Wolfmane

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