Eliseera Applewarden

Apple farmer in Thornkeep


Widow Eliseera Applewarden, is a young, beautiful woman who married into the farmlands known by most as “Applewarden Orchard”. Despite its ragged appearance and general lack of inability among her few part-time workers, she still manages to make a living selling apples to the local provisioner Mistress Nessa Greenfoot, or other interested parties for 15 sp per 30-lbs bushel basket.

Many claim she is an enchantress, and everyone considers her a wastrel. She has little contact with the village outside of business dealings to sell her apples or acquire supplies, usually done through whomever is her most recent lover. When seen in public, she appears very much a nobleman’s daughter.


Originally from a distant village who married the ancient farmer who settled an orchard on the outskirts of Thornkeep. He soon died, quite happily claim most, and the good widow is notorious for the number of young lovers she has taken since.

Nonetheless, she has quietly let her workers go, one by one, and the orchard has slowly fallen into disrepair. She sometimes hires new locals, who usually know little of the work, but work for less and usually stay only a season before leaving for other work elsewhere.

Eliseera Applewarden

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