Fionn Firetree

Master farmer in Daggermark


Master Fionn Firetree is the older, former military archer who oversees operations of his large 800-acre landhold. The farms of his and his sons are extensive, and dominates the economy of Daggermark, as they depend on the services offered in the community. They bring their vegetables, grain and hogs to market regularly, selling exclusively to Mistress Nessa Greenfoot, but are best known for their production of Pipeweed, a luxury good that even has interest outside the region.

Fionn Firetree is a lanky, elderly man who is spry and still shoots his bow in hunting trips, despite his nearly fifty years. While he only maintains a share of the farm’s lands and operations, he leads his clan by example, and many appreciate his knowledge of both the region, and its numerous farming techniques.

The clan is distantly related to the Firestone clan of Thornkeep.



The exact origins of the clan remain cloudy, but they deploy the ancient family crest of the former knights of the village, and farm what most consider to be the ancient manor lands of Daggermark.

Today, the clan is in good relations with the other large farmers of the region, but his years in the military have given him a more urbane viewpoint of politics and how he should operate to mitigate difficulties.

Fionn Firetree

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