Mistress Firlan Brooks

Small Farmer of Thornkeep


Firlan Brooks once operated the sixty (60) acre Havenbrook Farm with the assistance of a pair of cottagers and their wives, raising rye, barley and beef. The land was very hard-scrabble, with poor soils, and eventually proved to be an abandoned temple lands once held by a priest of Kurse, The Corruptor. These farmlands occupy the north-west corner of the valley approaches to Thornkeep, near both the iron smelter and the glazier. They have since abandoned these lands, and are working the lands of Green Dagger Farm on behalf of their patrons, the adventurers.

Firlan is accompanied in her burdens by her husband Durnan, a former carpenter, and her two young children; Wintessa (8), and Erilan (6). Her family are noted followers of the “Old Faith”, and the Lady of the Forest. Firlan does the bulk of the day-to-day farming, and her husband helps maintain the equipment, assarts the fields, and improves the buildings. Firlan is known to brew a rough ale in her spare time, with excess barley from the fields.

Her cottager clans include; Sirella West (25) and her young husband Orin (23); Guaidhre Everbright (25) and his wife Catriona (24). Sirella West has some training as a merchant, and tends to deal with most business transactions for the farm, working closely with her mistress Firlan to ensure the farm gets a good price for its produce. Sirella has two young daughters, Marcail (5) and Siusan (2). Orin, Sirella’s husband, and Guaidhre work closely with Firlan in the daily demands of the farm, looking after the animals, weeding and watering the crops. Catriona looks after the children (a full-time task), including her own little boy, Alasdair (5), prepares most of the meals and takes care of the clan’s clothing.

In mid-1049, Firlan was also given charge over a pair of huntsmen rescued from the slavery of Blackmaw’s bugbear soldiers. Skags (22) and Crooner (25) serve as general work-hands and huntsmen for the farm. They have been equipped from the adventurer’s small armory as light men-at-arms, with studded leather armor, short bows, quivers of arrows and hand axes, keeping shields in their quarters. The pair spend much of their time doing many of the simpler chores for the main hall, such as looking after the horses and goats, hauling water and chopping firewood. During their spare time, they also patrol the woods around the farm, keeping an eye on useful timber and game trails. They seem quite loyal, and are a welcome addition to the growing community. The pair have no families, and have built a small shack behind the barn for themselves.


Firlan Brooks is a common laborer from Mornhaven, who moved here with her family in TR 1043 in an effort to start a new life on the frontier. She settled on an abandoned farm, and had an immediate reputation for hard luck; every year her farm faced yet another hardship that seemed bent on plowing her farm under.

This last year, TR 1049, the disaster that struck her farm was in the form of giant burrowing ants that moved into the ground under her fields. The monsters avoided her fields for the most part, but took several cattle, and one unfortunate drunken hired hand. Eventually, her salvation was through the hands of a group of adventurers who lent her a hand in exchange for a portion of her crops. They wiped out the nest of Giant Fire Ants, and also discovered the lands to be an abandoned temple glebe dedicated to the god of corruption and plagues, which had struck her crops, livestock and lands with various blights in response to her ardent worship of the Lady of the Forest on its lands.

She was able to harvest most of her crops, but following that effort, accepted an offer to move her operations to Green Dagger Farm, and take over the farming aspects that its new tenants needed. They have managed to plow most of the 20-acres of walled farmlands before the snows came, and have sewn 10 acres with rye, and gathered enough hay for their cattle for the winter, though she had expressed a concern over feeding the large number of horses in the group’s possession, and was able to sell many of their captured mounts for extra fodder and supplies for the farm before the snows flew. They had also collected fair quantity of dried apples and wolf-berries. With the large assortment of supplies salvaged by the adventurers, however, food was not a major concern over the winter, making life bearable despite their poor housing opportunities.

In early-Kelen, Torra Stonefarmer visited with the local farmers, and a site was established, along with preliminary measurements, for the establishment of several small houses for the clans to be built once the snows stop accumulating, and the ground can dry sufficiently for construction. Located near the central rise of the ridge on the farm, between the two major fields, and a few hundred feet from the mothalla and other farm buildings, they should provide a good opportunity for the families to expand their holdings and make life very comfortable. In addition, a barracks will be built next to them to house the young, unmarried huntsmen.

Mistress Firlan Brooks

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