Flitter Fernwise

Town Courier


Flitter Fernwise is a typical Pixie, except that in many ways she’s become “domesticated”; she likes living in town and all the conveniences it has to offer. Flitter serves as a courier about town, delivering verbal messages and scrolls in a knife sheath strapped to her back. Her bright red hair and orange butterfly wings mark her quickly and easily as she flits about town, going from place to place offering her services in exchange for a thimble of wine, or a bit of cheese. Her presence is even accepted up at the castle, where the local nobles avoid her, but the bailiffs and castellan all use her services.

Flitter’s one flaw, however, is her addiction to alcohol. She has been known to “take a rest” sometimes in the warm sun with a flask of unattended ale, and not be seen or heard from for hours, sometimes days. Nonetheless, her ability to be everywhere quickly and for next to nothing, has made her popular.

Flitter is a tiny little thing, barely a foot tall, and looks much like a pretty, but diminutive elf, with fiery flowing orange hair and the wings of a monarch butterfly. She comes and goes where she pleases, spying on people everywhere, and after a short period of observation, boisterously introducing herself to strike up an overwhelming friendship. While most array themselves like nobles of the forest, Flitter keeps her appearance simple, and other than her scandalous apparel, wears her “message sheath” on her back. She’s given to casting flashes of illusionary flame either to get people’s attentions, or distract people before vanishing into the winds in a poof of pixie dust.

Flitter is not known to have a home in the conventional sense, but is often found in the rafters of the “Green Forest Inn” taproom during the evening hours, or early in the morning. If one seeks her services, one need only ring a bell and call her name, or seek her out from among the rafters of the inn.


No one knows exactly when Flitter began serving as the local courier, she’s been here at least a year, but there have always been the odd pixie floating about in the wood’s edges and leading lumberjacks into snake pits and bear dens. Flitter first started poking about and observing people openly about two years ago, often in the evenings when wine flows freely and she could drink herself full. Eventually she just started offering to run messages for food scraps, and the dregs of tankards and barrels, and her place in town was born. She shows no desire to move back into the woods.

It was revealed in early-Shorn, TR 1049 that Flitter was actually serving one of the fey factions in the nearby forests, and faking her addiction. Using her abilities as a courier to be everywhere and get into anywhere with her flight and invisibility, she was the perfect eaves-dropper. She has proven to be untrustworthy of the adventurers motivations, but they understand her word gets back to the leaders of her faction. The exact faction remains unknown.

Since mid-Uktar, Flitter has not been seen about the community, and is not known to have previously been gone for such a long time.

Flitter Fernwise

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