Torch Bearer, Pack Handler, Deceased


Gore was a former member of the “Goblinbramble Tribe”, captured by the adventurers during a failed raid on Mosswater Road.

A Hunter of his tribe, Gore knew basic weapons, but had little knowledge of any other skills, and had been demoted (in his eyes) to the Pariah caste by his capture. He carried a torch for the adventurers, as well as various key supplies, though he also wore a set of iron manacles and a rope around his neck to ensure he didn’t escape or go too far.

When not on an adventure with the group, he would spend his time working in the barns where he lived, mucking the stables and fetching water for his captors. While not a hard life, he was not allowed a weapon (beyond his torch) and knew the larger humans and other creatures could crush him if they choose, and they didn’t treat him as badly as his kin might in the same situation. At least he had food, some warm, dry hay to snuggle in, and spent time getting choice morsels for teaching Ricard “Ricochet” of Clan Shearwater how to speak his native tongue. Though some of his translations might have been wrong.


Captured in late-TR 1049, Gore was once a warrior in the Brambleclaw tribe of goblins, dwelling in the Briarwarren. He would raid at the request of his Mogur, and enjoyed being the second highest caste among his people. His capture had lessened his importance in the eyes of his people, but he knew that if he can ever get some weapons again and his freedom, he might regain the status he deserved.

On the 20th of Savor TR 1049, despite Kahli’s trepidation, Gore was taken into the Fallen Tower Vaults where he was eaten by a swarm of rats. He died shrieking in terror as they swarmed under the closed door he was told to guard with a torch. No one but Ricard lamented his passing.


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