Master Halst Blackshield

Youngest of the Blackshield Clan


“Don’t push him. I’ve heard the young Master can turn very nasty.”

Master Halst Blackshield is the quiet and studious young son of Baron Tervin Blackshield and Lady Ivis Blackshield. Although physically very weak, Halst is extremely intelligent, and possesses uncommonly powerful magical abilities for his age, but values cunning above raw power. While ruthless in his pursuit of knowledge, he holds to a code of conduct which repays all debts and protects those disadvantaged through no fault of their own. His relationship with his family is good, though his relationship with his better-liked and good-natured older sister Baroness Neria Blackshield is fraught with tensions as she seeks to protect and shelter her meek brother, while denying his sometime cruelty while in pursuit of his personal goals.

Halst is a thin boy with sallow skin, but otherwise takes after his mother in appearance. He is usually dressed in flowing black robes which made him resemble “an overgrown bat”. He has long black hair which frames his face in curtains, curling lips and penetrating hazel (almost red) eyes that resembled burning tunnels. The servants often call him “the Spider”, or more commonly “the Sly One”, for his withdrawn and brooding nature.

Halst has a strong, authoritative presence, despite his young age. He speaks in a soft, contained voice most of the time, except during the occasional instances when he has lost his temper. He can appear cold, cynical, malicious, bitter, and sarcastic, and is known to hold grudges and be extremely spiteful toward those whom he dislikes. He is an intensely private individual who views emotional displays as a sign of shameful weakness,


Born in TR 1036, Halst was always a sickly child, and possessed of a fierce intellect. As he grew in age, he gained an interest in magic, and learned at his mother’s knee the arts she could teach him. He was always known by the servants as Halst “the Sly”, for his furtive glances and careful footsteps, learning more about others, and often trying to control them through his knowledge. Language, skills at writing and numbers, and a burning desire to learn the tales of history and lore dominated his early education.

Halst was raised in relative isolation in his family’s residences over the years, and since arriving in Thornkeep, he has only left the confines of the town once, on a trip to Mornhaven where he was tested and certified by the Mage’s Guild and officially began his studies as a mage. In the months since, he has spent his time in the castle library, with weekly lessons under Iliara Starcloak‘s tutelage to check on his personal studies and assign special work. He is also formally trained as a litigant, and does an apprentice’s work from time to time, assisting Master Gavrin at court and during harvest time.

Today, he is often over-looked in local gossip, because he has no apparent desires for a throne, nor real power, rather allowing his interest in history and tales of lost magic kingdoms dominate his thoughts and dreams. At court, he sits in the background, often keeping notes with the scribes, but otherwise stays out of sight from the local citizens.

Following the events of the Night of Teeth, Halst has largely kept to himself, making short appearances in the village during trips to visit with his tutor Iliara Starcloak, but generally stays away from the numerous political topics swirling about the castle.

Master Halst Blackshield

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