Iliara Starcloak

Guildmaster of the Goldenfire Order


Iliara Starcloak is a beautiful, flaxen-haired sorcerer from the Kingdom of Imladris, who is particularly talented with cold magic. No one knows for certain why she chose to settle in Thornkeep, though some suspect she is associated with The Realm, a mysterious thieves’ guild with deep ties to the Royal family, while others say she is exploring nearby ruins of the Amber Mages, seeking a lost artifact of divine origins.

She lives in a comfortable and well-built stone cottage on the shore of the local millpond, and next to the tall narrow tower that acts as base for the local mage’s guild, of which she leads. Illiara’s apprentice Timber, is a young and studious youth who also serves as the Goldenfire Order’s clerk and record-keeper. He personally greets all visitors to the tower, and determines whether their business is worthy of his master’s time and personal attentions.

She was recently quite impressed with Bresal Darkharrow’s tales of their journey and fights in the Marta’Tauri, and was intrigued by this newest member of their small order.

Following the events of the Night of Teeth, one of her mages are always present in the keep’s great tower, ostensibly conducting research on certain topics, but many see it as a means to hire more protection for the noble clan. Rumors persist that Iliara might be named Court Mage, in an effort to secure her guild’s strength, and her power as a Blade.



The Goldenfire Order is a small guild of wizards-for-hire based in Thornkeep. Founded in 1044 TR, the order includes five full members (including Iliara ) and three apprentices. The Goldenfires rarely hire out more than one member at a time – the purpose of the guild is to ensure that arcanists in Thornkeep don’t undercut each other in selling their services, and to see to it that anyone who tries to cheat a member wizard is punished. Meetings are infrequent, since the guild exists to protect its members, not to advance any common goals. Though the Order’s ranks are few, the fact they include capable spell-casters means that none of the other Blades in town wishes to make an enemy of Iliara Starcloak or her company.

The guild holds regular meetings at every full moon, but other than that, the Goldenfire wizards go their own way; members must maintain their own homes, and generally work alone, but can access the small library and workshops available in the tower. Newcomers are welcome to the Order at anytime, with the only obligations being the traditional standards of the Shek-Pvar, and a regular fee to access the tower’s communal resources.

The Goldenfire Order’s symbol is a burning torch, with a golden flame.

Iliara Starcloak

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