Iozef Eversnow

Thornkeep's Weaponsmith


Iozef Eversnow is a talented weaponsmith who resides and works in Thornkeep. Known best for his skill at crafting light steel blades, particularly rapiers (350 sp) and daggers (30 sp), which while expensive are worth the cost, often embellished with light filigree work or other designs that personalize each blade.

Master Eversnow is of a very kindly disposition, and actually spends most of his time crafting embellishments on existing weapons for locals who seek his delicate hand to improve their weapon’s appearance. He has proven his talents time and again.

He has a couple of young boys who serve as his apprentices, but they are still quite young and learning their craft.



Master Eversnow settled in Thornkeep in TR 1045, and quickly earned a reputation among the fighters and bandits of the region as a talented craftsman. Though most settle for cheaper fare, those who splurge for an Eversnow blade proudly wear their prize, and boast of its quality. Originally hailing from the Kingdom of Brak, many gossip about what he did to find employment in such a backwater franchise, far from his homeland.

In mid-Uktar TR 1049, he forged Erilyn’s Kiss for the adventurers.

Iozef Eversnow

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