Dame Kahli of Whiterock, "The Green Flame"

Aasimar (Dark) Paladin


Personality If you do me injury I will crush you, ruin your name and salt your fields
Ideal Family: Blood is thicker than water
Bond In love with the heir of another family that is despised by mine
Flaw I can never trust anyone but myself

Dame Kahli of Whiterock is a young noble knight who has recently earned her spurs as a knight-banneret. Tall and slim, she is very fair, with snowy-white hair and piercing emerald green eyes, and a certain utter grace in movement and bearing that hints at her celestial heritage. The recent curse of The Elder Scroll has advanced these appearances to a greater level, with definitive features one assumes possessed by the creatures of the First World; sharply pointed eyes, ears and mouth, thin, graceful limbs that belay her strength, and poison-green eyes that hint at something darker within. She is noted as having good eyesight and taste, and excellent hearing (grants a +1 bonus to all Wisdom (Perception) checks). Her voice, another heritage of her celestial origins, is considered to be unearthly sweet, lending more aura to her social activities (a +1 bonus to all Charisma (Intimidation) or Charisma (Persuasion) checks).

Dame Kahli spends a large part of her day in silence, speaking only when asked a direct question, or when she urgently feels her opinion is needed. She spends much of her spare time in silent meditation, usually in a private, dark space away from most people. She seems filled with a sense of detachment from everyone and everything around her, and that she has abandonment issues is obvious to even the most casual observer.

As a knight, she began with two light horses, one for herself and the other to act as a baggage animal. She bears an ancient set of fine chainmail armor given to her when she was knighted, along with bearing the Nethwater clan’s crest on her shield. Furthermore, her War Hammer is something of a family heirloom, with rumors of it being a holy relic from the clan’s own armories; it has become known as Raven’s Beak.


To support her efforts as a knight, she was ceded Whiterock Manor, a small, stony knights holding of 300 acres, that is mostly pasture and scrub woodland. The hold is located on the far western edge of the Nethwater clan’s holdings, right along the Grand Escarpment, and about two (2) miles west of Mornhaven. There are roughly 50 acres of waste woods, 100 acres of crops, 90 acres of pasture, and sixty (60) acres held by the holdings four families; two cottagers, and two free farmers. The lands here produce swine, apples, barley, oats and rye (almost all exclusively consumed by the holders), but also keeps a large flock of semi-wild turkeys and a large 10-acre plot of vegetable gourds. These latter are kept as a cash crop of dried turkey meat and “water-skin” gourds, commonly sold in the western markets of Mornhaven each autumn.

Dame Kahli is a well-loved member of the Nethwater clan, with few realizing she is actually an adopted member of the clan, inheriting her holding directly from the clan leader, Lady Anabledh Nethwater. Although considered a distant heir to the clan title (5th in line), she was loved by all, many of whom would easily support her if she ever found herself in need of shelter or other assistance. She still has a fondness for the ancient matron who raised her in the clan, her “Nananny”, from whom she learned many things, including her fondness for elvish language and traditions.



Nethwater Clan Crest

The Nethwater Clan are an old noble family from Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails, whose wealth stems from many farm holdings north and west of that city, located around the village of Bogwater. Somewhat boggy and considered poor by most, their demesne nonetheless produces large quantities of gourds and basketry made from its many reeds, which have a ready market in Mornhaven. They maintain a small estate in the noble part of that city, from which they oversee their various properties and charity efforts.

The Nethwater clan dates it origins to a noted cleric of Nolom – The Shining One, who spent his days in the clan’s ancestral lands ensuring the locals were fed, well-cared-for and the homeless given lands, many of whom remain their vassals to this day. The clan continues to maintain this tradition, and has a reputation for kindnesses and in spending the clan’s fortune in support of their fellow man. The clanhead, Anabledh, is a beautiful and simple woman who is also an initiate of Nolom, and often spends time in working among her people, and conducting local rituals in her family’s ancestral lands.

The clan also has an ancient claim to the Ironbogs, a swampy lightly-populated section of land located near their demesne, between the Ambarin River, the Great Escarpment, and north of Mornhaven, which they have never pressed until recently. Word has come that the lands are considered by the crown as abandoned, and the clan sees the potential to colonize the holding and use the improved income and status as a means to improve their court status, and an opportunity to assist many more people in need.

Kahli has worked closely with the huntsmen of Thornkeep, offering her healing services freely, and gained a respectful reputation among them. For the most part, however, she keeps to herself, and has barely begun to involve herself in the politics of the region. She resides in the hidden Fallen Tower Vaults.

During her time in Thornkeep, Kahli has managed to recover the relics of the Shield of the Crowngaard and the Armor of the Wyrm, wearing it for a time, before passing it on to her young squire Reina. She also had the Plate Armor of the Thorn Princess forged for herself, though she keeps it mostly for court wear along with her chain mail armor. Instead, she usually wears a finely engraved suit of MW Plate Mail that she recovered while exploring the Tolling Tower.

She generally uses Raven’s Beak as her weapon of choice, and also possesses the Trollhammer, though she chooses to use it only when confronted by a truly worthy foe, and used Scorbane for a time, before passing the weapon into the care of her sister, Lady Anabledh Nethwater. She also currently wears the Cloak of the Bailiff, and traded for the Moonstone Amulet with Sweet, which gives her a measure of personal security. She also bears a Talisman of Sealed Summons, recovered from the lair of Mog-Lathar, the Petrified Spider, as well as carries the Clavis Somnus.

Kahli is the bearer of The Elder Scroll, making her the effective “Princess of the MapN’Dor”, though it has created repercussions in her life and the lives of the rest of the group, partly due to its power, and partly due to its purposes as an artifact. The level of control this artifact bears over the MapN’Dor remains undiscovered, but it has begun to attract the attention of creatures from nearby fey lands (both fey creatures and talking animals) to her banner, who view the MapN’dor as an increasingly safe haven for themselves.

In mid-Kelen, TR 1050, a group of shadow elves joined Kahli as members of her court, proving to be her first true followers. These individuals were led by Lelana, and included; Merwyndin her husband, Caerwynn and his wife Porpheria, the young wizard Annalaigh, and the courtier Lachlan, her close friend. Several small bands of fey creatures have also claimed to respect her control over these lands, and pledged their service to her and her companions, should they be required.

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Dame Kahli of Whiterock, "The Green Flame"

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