King Hargulka

Troll King of the Troll Heights


King Hargulka is the rumored troll king of the northern hills region, that once brought ruin to the realm of Mosswater. He is rumored to have been led in this endeavor by Blackmaw the Night Hag, though the exact reasons remain obscure. The adventurers believe it to be related to The Elder Scroll.

Based on his folk, it is expected he is both brutish and violent, and while cunning to keep his band together for so many years, he was largely led in the endeavor by Mother Nanns Iceclaws. He likely had some experience in raiding settlements, and a known reputation for eliminating the powerful Greatwyrm force of knights.

During the adventurers initial raid into Az-Vassa, they discovered that while his “normal” troll minions were rather simple, his Ice Troll minions were smarter, held in check by the influence of Mother Nanns Iceclaws, and Hargulka’s own ruthless cunning. They thought tactically, and followed their leader’s direction with little argument.


Nothing is known of Troll King Hargulka prior to his appearance and leadership of the trolls that laid waste to Mosswater in TR 1000. Since that time, he and his minions have dominated the region, and continue to raid and pillage small steadings north of Thornkeep. They have become the boogeymen of local legend.

He and his Ice Troll minions were slaughtered over a two-day siege of the beast’s own lair, and the casualties included his adviser the hag, Mother Nanns. In addition to various relics taken from his folk, he was the unwitting guardian of The Elder Scroll. He and his folk are not missed.

King Hargulka

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