Lady Cirthana

Priestess of Nolom


Lady Cirthana is a former noblewoman, who gave up her life of luxury to be sheared when she was sixteen, and left her noble family, the Nightscale clan, a family of wine traders under their purple ship banner. She spent several years as an adventurer, wandering the eastern wilds of The Principality of Shem, the Forest Kingdom, and making her own personal legacy of service in the Morninglord’s presence.

When she tired of wandering, she asked for the church in Mornhaven to grant her a place, and was given funds and the task of rebuilding the shrine in Hexwater. In TR 1044, she brought a handful of followers with her and using her own fortune and the funds donated by her patrons in Mornhaven, spent two years in rebuilding the ruins. She was beset by supply problems and all manner of difficulties, but no one tried to directly confront her or her people, without angering her sponsors in the city.

Lady Cirthana is influenced heavily by her time as an adventurer, and believes in confronting evil before it corrupts and destroys all you hold dear. She acts to help any she can, but has not met with much success in the local community, despite two years of careful work. Her followers are few, and she often finds herself working with the local clergy of the Father of the Fields, spending time in the fields and local woodlots, and has met with a little success in the northern community of Riverwatch, and among the scattered farms along the edges of the region.



Easily the largest building outside of the local castle of the Witchbyrne clan, the local church of the Shining One is an impressive building dedicated to the sun god, and was funded by Lady Cirthana’s own wealth, and donations from its patron church in Mornhaven. It dominates the skyline, and provides services each morning with the rise of the new day’s sun. It was not the first church on the site, having replaced the former church of Nolom that burnt down in TR 1044, and was rebuilt with an eye towards becoming a beacon of good in a town beset by crime and darkness.

The local order follows the “Light Bearers” tradition, and is renowned for helping adventurers in the area with healing potions, the odd scroll, and sometimes lending an acolyte to look after wounded or provide guidance. There are roughly a dozen acolytes, none of great strength, but all are dedicated and loyal to the local Mistress, Lady Cirthana. The priests and followers of the temple spend their days traveling around local region, trying to help people and spread a message of dawning light among a people who are yoked closely to the economy of the lordship that have very little hope. They are very much in need of light in their lives.

Lady Cirthana

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