Lady Olivia Promethian Greenhaven

Princess Dowager of the Forest Kingdom


Lady Olivia Promethian Greenhaven, is the aging matriarch of the Warduke clan, mother to Princess Adrianna Warduke, and the so-called “Dowager-Princess”. She is openly viewed as the “… perfect generous hostess…”, and this is the personality she is best known for to outsiders of the royal clan. In truth, she was born and raised to govern, and was the political equal to her brash, hot-headed husband, often taking the quieter route to resolving political problems in the realm.

A slender, graceful woman despite her age, Lady Olivia is of average height, with dark brown hair untouched by age, and icy, piercing blue eyes. With her patrician beauty and artificially gracious manner, she often appears as a cold statue that has been brought to life.

She is known to have a deep grasp of Feudal Law, Diplomacy and Ninnellen traditions. She is also a font of Shemite History.


Born the first daughter of the famous Greenhaven clan of the Barony of Freestead, Lady Olivia was born in TR 980 and was engaged to the Warduke at the age of eleven (11) after her father pledged fealty to the Overthane in TR 992. She was married in TR 998, following her eighteenth birthday, and well after the Warduke had proven his devotion to her people and the realm. Their relationship slowly matured and became one of mutual respect and love.

After many decades of supporting her husband, she quietly “retired” to the southern royal city of Mornhaven when her daughter took the Oak Seat, taking residence in the heap of masonry that protects the town. Here she has become the center of social society in the region, and as some claim, has also become the center of a vast intelligence network of spies, thieves and assassins, known as “The Realm”. This network is known to absorb information and rumor, and occasionally reacts to threats of the realm that involve the Royal Clan, sometimes with blade, but usually far more quietly with poison.

Lady Olivia Promethian Greenhaven

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