Lord Pepprick, the Butterfly Lord

Minor Lord of the Fey Courts


Medium Fey, Neutral

AC 18, HP 56.
Darkvision 60’
PP 9
SPD 30’ (Fly 5’)

Fluttering Swarm : Lord Pepprick appears as a swarm of hundreds of butterflies taking a vaguely humanoid form, or he can take the shape of a single butterfly. Changing between forms is a single action.

Swarm Mind : All butterflies within 50 miles of Lord Pepprick are considered in constant telepathic communication with him. If one is aware of a danger, they all are; forest fires are of particular concern.

Weight of Wings : Those within the swarm must make a DC 18 Wisdom save, or suffer the effects of a Hold Person (2nd Level Enchantment) spell.


Fluttering Aura : Melee +9 (d4) plus Poison Swarm : DC 16 Constitution (Poison) save, or lose one point of Constitution for duration of poisoning. This poison also affects Undead. The poisoned state lasts one hour.



Lord Pepprick, the Lord of Butterflies appears as a humanoid-shaped swarm of butterflies.

He is known to spend time with Ashbark the Treant, with whom he is a good friend.

Something of a nomad, Lord Pepprick wanders the western portions of the Echo Wood, without home or lair. He often encounters lone huntsmen and scouting timberwrights, feasting on their blood.

Lord Pepprick, the Butterfly Lord

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