Master Borath Stonesplitter

Dwarven Iron Miner


Master Borath Stonesplitter is the local miner, smelting raw iron and copper ores from the local Halted-Stream Camp, and minting his own “Stone” ingots for trade into both Hexwater and Mornhaven. He is also known to sometimes acquire bloodstones and other lesser ornamental stones on occasion from the mine.

While his work is good, his employees are constantly dissatisfied and grumble about conditions, but they have few means of recourse, beyond trying to flee their position; and given their dependence upon his good graces for their survival, results in their remaining. He is a difficult master to work with, rarely keeping apprentices for more than a season before they move on to something else. He also employs a handful of mercenaries under the command of Captain Drake Angel, a bald, fiery little man whose soldiers guard the mine site, the charcoalers when they visit the nearby woodlands, and his weekly caravans travelling from the mine to Thornkeep.

While iron is the most common ore mined at Halted-Stream, he also produces some copper ingots, both smelted in his smelter in Thornkeep into traditional 12-lbs round raw metal “Stone” discs worth 12 sp (iron) and 60 sp (copper) each. Occasionally, he finds tiger iron and red hematite ornamental stones (both worth 10 gps), and rarely semi-precious bloodstones (worth 50 gps). His recent work has made him quite wealthy.



Master Stonesplitter is one of the few survivors from the ruins of Mosswater, having once operated the profitable soap-stone quarry in that town, before fleeing the increasingly dangerous troll raids in TR 1000. He started over in Thornkeep, proving he is quite good at his chosen profession.

In recent years, he has become a close ally of Master Daemon Tarrasque, and the two vote closely together in all matters of local concern in the Baron’s councils. Economically, he collaborates with Thornkeep Mercantile to outfit and provision his workers; the costs of equipping his miners far out-strips their ability to earn an income from their work, which has trapped many of them into virtual slavery in their efforts to repay both Master Stonesplitter and Master Tarrasque of their debts.

He has clearly expressed his concerns over the coming caravan to Mornhaven, largely as it will hold a wagon of his own goods, and he needs valued supplies to return to begin the new season’s work. In council, he has expressed interest in re-opening his mine holdings in Mosswater, suggesting he intends to send a letter to the Mangai detailing his plans, and intent to bring in a cousin of his to survey the site for future operations.

Master Borath Stonesplitter

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