Master Meer Darknight

Farmer of Thornkeep


Master Meer Darknight is a fairly prosperous farmer, dwelling on a small manor overlooking the valley north of town along a small ridge. He keeps three small cottagers under his care, raising millet, rye, peas and a few hogs for smoked bacon and hams.

He and his kin stay close to their farms, and rarely interact with the community. The manor sports a dike and hedge, and the cottagers go about armed with bows and knives. They all regularly train together, and are encouraged to tithe to both the local shrines.

Rumors persist that he is a former hedge knight or adventurer, and he is known to have a well-polished suit of plate armor and greatsword from his early days before settling down to farm. When the topic of his past comes up, he is often quoted as saying “…even monks have pasts…”.


Sometimes referred to as Ser Darknight, the elderly farmer is best known for the death of his strong, handsome son Dyr in TR 1044, at the hands of bandits. He has kept close to his lands since, and everyone knows his grief remains unsolved. A distant relative from Mornhaven has been granted the title of heir of the lands, and makes a yearly trip every autumn to visit his uncle (?) and pay his respects.

In early-Kelen, TR 1050, his son, Dyr was returned alive to his care, much to the acclaim of the manor servants and its cottagers. With his son and heir proven healthy and well, the question of the inheritance of the farm has now come under question, and requires resolving. But his son is returned to his care, once more.

Master Meer Darknight

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