Master Miles Firestone

Farmer of Thornkeep


Master Miles Firestone is a local farmer, living on the south end of the valley, among their rows and rows of pear-apple trees. He and his wife Berlan are reclusive, and well-known leading figures in the the “Old Faith”, and are believed to be on good terms with the Stone Circle. He has two young daughters, Adelinda and Aoife, but several extended family members also work the orchard.

The clan sells their pear-apples, of course, but are mostly famous for producing “Firestone Cider” and an apple juice “Firestone Juice”, that sells very well locally. They also produce a rare spiced cider that they usually only reserve for themselves and close family, that is amazing when warmed and served on long winter nights.


Master Firestone and his clan have lived here for many generations, and are distantly related to Fionn Firetree. His eldest daughter, Adelinda, has a mystical history that involves her wandering the local hills and harrying off on odd adventures on a regular basis.

It was revealed during the ceremony of the crowning of Baroness Neria Blackshield, that Adelinda was the offspring of a hag, substituted at some point early in her life, and raised by the Firestones. The green hag known as Adelinda, is presently held in the dungeons of Caer Dragonscorn, while the clan comes to terms with the fact their daughter is dead, and the realm’s rulers decide what to do with her.

Master Miles Firestone

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