Master Varyl Dragonfire

Local representative of the Timberwright's and Charcoaler's Guilds


Master Varyl Dragonfire is the local representative of both the Charcoaler’s and Timberwright’s Guild, though he only holds a title in the former. He answers directly to Master Thuldrin Kreed for his franchise, who controls him very closely through his purse. In addition to a journeyman and two apprentices, he has brought his wife, three young children (aged 12, 11 and 8), mother-in-law and aunt to the community. They live on a small cottage farm near Sandpoint Logging Camp, from which he operates the guild’s interests, and are rarely involved in local affairs, though he does sit on the local Baron’s council.



Originally from the City-State of Crebain, Master Dragonfire invested heavily in purchasing the local franchise and arrived in TR 1047 amidst concern for local productivity and incomes. It is well-known among the guild, that he is deeply indebted to both the guild and Master Kreed in Hexwater.

Following the events of the Night of Teeth, Master Dragonfire has been seen to visit at the castle regularly, and has increased shipments of charcoal into the castle appreciably. He also had a large shipment of charcoal with the spring caravan to Mornhaven.

Master Varyl Dragonfire

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