Kobold Envoy of the Sootscale Tribe


Small Humanoid (Kobold), Lawful Neutral

Armor Class : 16 ( Masterwork Chain Shirt)
Hit Points : 12 (3d6-3)
Speed : 30’

STR 8 (-1), DEX 16 (+3), CON 9 (-1), INT 8 (-1), WIS 10 (+0), CHR 12 (+1).

Skills : Nature +2, Stealth +5, Survival +2, Thieves’ Tools +5.
Senses : Darkvision 60’, Passive Perception 10
Languages : Common, Draconic

Kiss of the Fey : When operating within Echo Wood, all Wisdom (Survival) checks are considered to have advantage. This trait also marks Mikmek as a “favored one”, and will reduce any initial fey reactions against him by one rank (Hostile drops to Indifferent).

Sunlight Sensitivity : While in sunlight, the kobold has disadvantage on attack rolls, as well as Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.

Pack Tactics : Mikmek has advantage on attack rolls against creatures if at least one of the kobold’s allies is within 5’ of the creature, and the ally isn’t incapacitated.

Superior Chain Shirt : Mikmek’s chain shirt is a relic of Droskari Metal Alloy, with the Superior quality, improving its AC by (+1).

Thieves’ Tools : Mikmek has studied and learned proficiency with Thieve’s Tools, and is seldom without them. If his tools are ever taken away, he can cobble together a new set from loose wire or metal, and other debris in 30 minutes.

Traps and Snares : Mikmek has learned the art of setting simple mechanical traps. Detecting, disarming, avoiding or otherwise mitigating its traps requires a successful DC 12 Dexterity (Thieves’ Tools) check, and his own traps have a bonus of +5 to strike their targets. With access to thieve’s tools and basic construction materials, Mikmek can set up the simple mechanical trap; either Slingsnare or Skullpopper in about ten (10) minutes. Triggers involve simple catches, tripwires and other simple mechanisms.

Skullpopper : This simple trap consists of a heavy weight set to fall or swing into a victim, typically a stone or heavy log. When triggered, skullpopper makes a melee weapon attack against the first target in its path; +5 to hit, reach 15’, one target; Hit : 11 (2d10) bludgeoning damage.

Slingsnare : A concealed loop of rope or wire affixed to a simple counterweight. When a creature steps into the snare, it must make a successful DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or be yanked into the air and suspended, upside down, 5’-above the ground. The snared creature is considered restrained (DC 12). The cord is AC 10 and has five (5) HP.


Thorn Shortsword : Melee Weapon Attack : +5 to hit, reach 5’, one target.
Hit : 6 (d6+3) piercing damage.

Shortbow : Ranged Weapon Attack : +5 to hit, range 80’/320’, one target.
Hit : 6 (d6+3) piercing damage.

Equipment : Masterwork Chain Shirt, Thorn Shortsword, Shortbow w/ 20 Arrows, leather backpack, set of Thieves’ Tools, pair of hammers and a saw, 10 iron spikes, 12 cp.


Mikmek’s Thornblade

Mikmek is a young, brash kobold warrior of the Sootscale tribe. Fierce and a devoted disciple of Chief Sootscale, he has proven to be helpful and surprisingly speaks fair Common, in addition to Draconic. He can track well, and is a mean shot with bow or sling, but avoids melee combat, well aware of his relative frailty and small stature.

Mikmek bears one of the thorn-like shortswords of his enemies, the Mite goblin tribe, formerly of the Sleeping Sycamore, though the tribe have mostly been destroyed. He wears a worn blanket as a cloak, and a former adventurer’s backpack stuffed with tools and gear he has taken from various sources. He also wears a masterwork Droskari Metal Alloy chain shirt recovered from a mite leader, and given to him by the adventurers. It remains something he is quite proud of, and he is always busy polishing it with oil from his pack, calling it his “dragon’s scales”.

Mikmek has received a basic training regarding trap-making and avoidance, and is effectively a junior thief. He has worked on these abilities hard over the winter, and can now make simple mechanical traps, and has improved the strength of both the front door to the mothalla, as well as the hatch onto the slate roof.


Mikmek encountered the adventurers during their foray against the Mites of the Sleeping Sycamore. The lone survivor of his war band of fellow kobolds, he and his companions were sent on a doomed quest to retrieve their holy relic, the statue of “Old Sharptooth“. During the raid, Mikmek and his companions were captured and tortured by the Mites who were in service to a great, dark power lurking in the forests, and somehow tied to the the God of Corruption, Kurse. Mikmek is a fairly loyal ally to the adventurers (particularly “Scales”), but ultimately has loyalty to his tribe, and his chief above all.

He was assigned by Chief Sootscale to act as the adventurer’s envoy in future matters, primarily since the Sootscale Caverns are well-protected by various defensive works, and only a kobold could safely enter the caves to make contact with the chief.

After his encounter with Tiressia in early-Shorn, TR 1049, he was blessed with the trait “Kiss of the Fey”, granting him an improved ability to survive and lead the adventurers in their journey through the often confusing depths of Echo Wood.

Mikmek remains with the adventurers, acting as the representative of his tribe, should the adventurers have need of them or their services. He tends to sleep near the central fire under as many blankets as he can accumulate, but generally helps out with building repairs and carefully watches Mourde Carter do his work, helping pump his bellows (though most claim this is solely to stay close to the roaring smithy) when otherwise not engaged. He has been known to accompany the two huntsmen as their tracker when the weather proves warm.


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