Mistress Andreja Kairn

Thornkeep's Glazier


Mistress Andreja Kairn is a halfling woman who sits on the local baron’s council and holds more power than most people assume in the local economy. She and her clan produce luxury goods, such as glass panes and fine flasks which are popular both locally and as a trade good into Mornhaven. She is rumored to have many regular contacts among the masters of the Mage’s Guild of Mornhaven, which she supplies, and regular caravans come to her shop for her goods.



Originally attracted for the large stands of timber available to fuel her kilns, Mistress Kairn has managed to access valuable sand deposits in the nearby forests as well. Most attributed her success to her friendship with Chieftain Darioth Wolfmane, but its more than that; she’s a smart businesswoman and knows her craft well.

Her people continue to travel north near Mosswater, where they have maintained a couple sites for harvesting sand from the local creeks and Echo Stream in particular, and know the area very well. During these efforts, they were often guarded by Wolfsmane barbarians, who accepted payment in glass products, but with the entire tribe vanishing into the woodlands, the glass workers are unsure of any such protection with the Spring.

Mistress Andreja Kairn

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