Mistress Nessa Greenfoot

Young Halfling Merchant


The leading grocer and provisioner of Thornkeep, is Mistress Nessa Greenfoot. A clever young woman who bought-out the previous provisioning business in town, Master Greenfoot is a hard-working, no-nonsense sort and a sharp bargainer. She buys the produce, milk, cheese, eggs and meat from local farmers and hunters, and imports grain and other staples from Hexwater and Mornhaven. Mistress Nessa employs several clerks and warehouse workers, including a couple of her own cousins, and her close friend Bosk, a simple-minded fellow who is half-orc and possibly the strongest man in town.

Greenfoot Provisions trail badge is of a young halfling woman laden with packs, walking on a trail. The company workers and employees always wear green leather boots, gloves and caps as a further mark of their company.



While Mistress Greenfoot has a good thing going here, the reason she was able to buy-out her competition is simply because her chief rival in town is Master Daemon Tarrasque and his large, prosperous trading company. It is no secret that he had been slowly driving her out of business, and eventually force her to sell her company to him as he gained the strangle lock on provisions in town. She has only managed to maintain her business, because she pays above average prices to the larger farms like Darkmoon Manor and Woodbristle Manor, and they still sell directly to her. This, of course, results in higher prices to her customers, which she has only been able to maintain with valuable business given her by the local adventurers. Her competition has not yet resorted to more under-handed activities, probably because they fear open war.

Since mid-Savor, TR 1049, the adventurers have been dealing directly with her in the disposal of most of their recovered treasures, arms and even magic items. Her commission on these items has helped to stave off the attentions of Master Tarrasque, to the point that she has a great deal of freedom in her activities. She is not, however, out of danger yet, and must carefully spend her existing wealth in carefully ventured investments.

The death of Tardin “Ironjaw” has also meant that the bulk of most huntsmen in the community now bring their hides and meat to her trade coster for resale. This increase in business has helped her throughout the winter, though she is desperately short of coin and makes most of her trades in kind. She intends to make a single trade caravan to Mornhaven in the spring, which will contain the bulk of her goods from teh winter’s work, which should bring with it sufficient coin to finally remove her from the threat of being forced out of business.

Mistress Nessa Greenfoot

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