Ambassador Ricard "Ricochet" Shearwater

Half-Elf Champion 5 / Swashbuckler 3


Ambassador Ricard of clan Shearwater, also known as “Ric of the Shearwater”, or “Ricochet”, is a young man born in Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails, and whose natural good looks have taken him far in life. Of average height and build, Ricard has a very fair complexion, as a heritage of his sylvan ancestry. His black hair and blue, piercing eyes always make him stand out in a crowd, and there is no denying that by the gauge of humanity, he is very attractive. Ricard moves with a certain grace, and has very good hearing (+1 to all “Hearing” Perception checks). His eyesight and voice are otherwise unremarkable.

Ric is always debonair and sly, as though he always has some trick up his sleeve, and the knowledge of this makes him somewhat overconfident. In addition, he always feels compelled to use stealth whenever possible against his foes, and likes to sneak and surprise them. Many of the people of Green Dagger refer to him as “master”, in deference to his constant concern over their well-being, and his young consort, Mistress Vesina “Shearwater”, who has taken over most of the manor’s household duties.

Personality traits:
An attractive woman always gets my attention.
I am always trying to gather loot from my adventures so that I can share it with the less fortunate.

Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. The ‘smallfolk’ need to be aided and protected

I owe everything to my mother—a horrible woman that has caused me to spend my life trying to replace her with a string of beautiful women.

I am quick to pick a fight but I am always ready to run away as well.
I act without thinking and take risks without weighing the consequences. (from Tinderstrike)



Ricard of Clan Shearwater, was born on the 7th of Kythorn, the 6th month of the year, best known as “The Time of Roses”. That he was raised in a wealthy environment is undeniable upon meeting Ricochet, but he does not discuss the matter, nor does he talk much about his time away from the creche and his friends. He does, however, consistently talk about the various gambling dens of Mornhaven with some fondness.

He had captured a goblin warrior named Gore for a time, in order to learn the Goblin language. During his first expedition into a dungeon, however, while bearing a torch and most of Ricochet’s heavy supplies and equipment, he was swarmed by a large pack of hungry rats and eaten alive. The trauma of this event seems to have made Ric somewhat spiteful towards other small creatures.

Ric has also taken a fancy to the young courtesan Vesina “Ironstone” that he rescued from her “master”, treating her well with gifts of clothing and other small treasures over the last few months. He is also doggedly pursuing an interest in Lady Tiressia, having learned tracking and gaining fellowship among the good-aligned huntsmen of Thornkeep. Many of the folk who reside on Green Dagger Farm have begun to see him as the manor’s leader. In late-Kelen, he helped rescue several slaves from the Horned Hold, and from among them, Melendir Wayland caught his attentions. He offered her a sizable amount of coin to establish herself, noting that having a good cook on your side could prove useful.

He also bears a long-term obsession with Lady Ivis Blackshield, but must fulfill her private agenda before he can pursue this further.

Among his possessions are a pair of Boots of Elvenkind and a Cloak of Elvenkind, granting him great stealth for a fighter. For weapons, he uses Tinderstrike and the Heartripper Blade, which he recovered from the personal belongings of Mother Nanns in Az-Vassa. He wears Silvercrown’s Armor and deploys the recovered Stone of Protection when stepping into combat. He also bears a Rope of Climbing. He acquired a Periapt of Health in early-Nolus, 1050 from the Horned Hold. He also bears a Talisman of Warrior’s Courage recovered from Mariposa Manor.

In addition, following the events of the Night of Teeth, he has taken upon himself the title of Yeoman and possesses a masterwork “Yeoman’s Knife”, which marks him as an agent of the local court which grants him direct access to Baroness Neria Blackshield as her servant; the weapon, when openly worn across one’s stomach, serves as an obvious mark of being her agent and engaged in her tasks. The blade has been silvered, but still bears the forgemark of the realm along its blade, denoting its true owner, the Barony of Thornkeep. Among the older clans of the Forest Kingdom, it also has some merit, as a mark of tradition, as they recognize it immediately. In Alturik TR 1050, Ric humbly accepted Lady Ivis’ offer to act as an Ambassador to the “Princess of Thorns” on behalf of the Blackshield clan.

In early-Nolus, TR 1050, he established an “office” in a lower storage room of his mother’s “House of the Silken Shroud”, which allows him to store his personal effects he is not using, some of his wealth, and provide a place to allow others to leave messages or letters with, if unable to contact him directly.

Ambassador Ricard "Ricochet" Shearwater

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