Master Roland "Scales" Bywater, "Thunder Fire"

Human Sorcerer (Missile Mage)


Roland Bywater, also known in some circles as “Scales, is a human sorcerer. He was born with the ancient blood of dragons running through his veins, displayed best through his control of sorcerous arcane power. He has always just known Draconic, not only how to speak it, but how to read and write it as well. His brown eyes betray nothing, but his height (5’ 11"), and dusky, copper-colored skin is patchy and scaled in places, hinting at his draconic heritage. Though he can hide it well enough when he wants to remain unnoticed, in thick robes and understanding how to present himself, it remains visible and well-known to his friends and former clan.


Bywater Clan Crest

Scales was raised with the Bywater clan (Motto : “True to the Mark”), a small clan of river traders who operate along the Ambarin River, and who have land south of the capital in Seville, the City of Greenwalls. Although mildly prosperous, they have never achieved the fame or wealth some merchant clans have, rather quietly making small profits and staying out of politics if at all possible. Some say the bulk of their profits are through more than shipping their signature grain and goat cheese, and that if you want to get a cheap Potion of Healing, they’re the ones to make it happen. Not illegal, such trade goods do, however, make their river barges a target for river pirates seeking small packages with a high worth.

Along his valuable skills in sorcery, he is also well-versed in handling small boats, and is a registered Journeyman Merchant, with his own papers and the opportunity to engage in his own trade efforts and investments if he wishes. He also knows the Ambarin River and many of its important trade villages, and is still on good terms with the clan that adopted and raised him.

Scales has always just tried to steer clear of politics and pesky moral questions, and like the clan that raised him, tries to stay out of the limelight. It can be said that he does what he needs to whatever the given situation; but he tends to arrogance; preferring intimidation and deception over diplomacy in most situations.


“Scales” was born on the 24th of Hammer, the first month of the year, in TR 1029, with the blood of ancient beings running through his veins. At least , that’s what his journeyman’s papers state as his birthday.

He presently keeps a pair of rust monsters, Frisky and Skuttle on the adventurer’s home of Green Dagger Farm. He has arranged for a regular shipment of iron slag from Halted-Stream Camp, amounting to 100sp per month for the pair of them. He also treats them with spare daggers and other iron objects collected in his travels. They do not yet know any tricks.

Scales spends many a night training with Mikmek and his two companions, Nakpik and Kerzak, teaching them how to develop their Sleight of Hand and Lockipicking skills, as well as how to develop more complex traps than pits and deadfalls. He resides in the main hall of Green Dagger Farm, along with these creatures. Due to his constant work with the kobolds, he has earned respect among them, and has a good standing with the Sootscale Kobold clan. He is somewhat involved in the politics of the local region, and is known to several leading members of the community.

Among his possessions are the Robe of the Hag and the relic blade known as the Sword of Zog, though he doesn’t advertise its existence. He also bears the Lantern of the Deeps for excursions in the dark, and has access to a fair amount of fuel for the device.

Master Roland "Scales" Bywater, "Thunder Fire"

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