Serianna Narrows

Thornkeep's Ostler


Serianna Narrows is the local ostler in Thornkeep. A former adventurer, she founded the business from her wealth, and spends her time with her horses rather than the string of would-be suitors who are seemingly intimidated by her beauty. She and her two servants keep to themselves.

She and her folk happily stable mules, horses, oxen, and other mounts for 30 sp per ten-day (including grooming and fodder) though oats cost extra (1 sp per day). They usually have a small selection of riding and pack horses (750 sp per mount) available for sale to interested individuals. Used harness and tack (90 sp per set), are also available.

During harvest and planting seasons, she is known to loan her spare mounts to needy folk, provided they pay for feed and return the animals each night to her care. Otherwise, she has a reputation as a shrewd and hard bargainer.



The other adventurers in her band have moved on, but Serianna stayed because she found a way to make her favorite things support a comfortable lifestyle. People come to her when they have questions about their mounts, and she has proven to be a passable medic.

This fall she managed to procure several spare mounts fairly cheaply from Mistress Firlan Brooks and the adventurers, so she has a surplus of mounts that she is willing to sell for a fairly good rate, though rumors hint she intends to make a trip to Mornhaven to sell the lot once the weather turns good enough for travel. She is likely to accompany Mistress Nessa Greenfoot’s spring caravan.

Serianna Narrows

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