Yeoman Seumas "Shiv" Keeper

Human Rogue (Troubleshooter)


Yeoman Seumas “Shiv” Keeper was a small-time burglar from the central part of Mornhaven; Currently, he prefers to call himself a “trouble shooter”. Relatively average in height and general appearance, he is very fair with Brown hair and blue eyes. Having lived a simple life on the streets of that city, he is somewhat under-nourished , and might have grown into more strength if his diet supported it. He has poor hearing (-1 to “Listen” Perception), but above average smell and taste, and an above average touch (+1 to “Touch” Perception) that makes up for his difficulty in hearing. His voice has an average timber.

Shiv’s hobbies include gambling, with which he has always held a desire to be better at it, though he does tend to have some success when he puts his mind to it. In point of fact, he has recently succeeded in a fairly high stakes game in the city, that netted him a purse of silver and ownership of two riding/pack horses.

Shiv has always had a thing with locks. And doors. He always has to open them, and leave them open, or he gets agitated and nervous. Chests and locks always have to open, as long as he can see them. and If he ever finds a key, he just has to find the lock to it and open it.

Push come to shove, Shiv is a royalist at heart and for more reasons than Princess Adrianna Warduke is totally his type of woman. He honestly admires her, but he is not exactly open about it and rarely takes offence to others that express a dislike towards her.

Personality traits: Rather make a friend not a enemy..

Ideal: Freedom, not to the point that he clashes with Feudalism directly but he is a big fan of the implied social contract of Feudalism, Nobles that fail to upheld their part of the contract should be removed. Shiv also hates Slavery.

Bond: My Guild was taken from me.

Flaw: I turn tail and run when things are going bad.

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Keeper Clan Crest

Born on the 13th of Kelen “Frostend”, Seumas “Shiv” Keeper is one of the handful of children survivors of the Green Dagger Gang, and was raised at a small farm in Thornkeep for many years, by Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow, a contact from that gang’s past, who seemingly operated a safehouse in that isolated village.

Sent to Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails to study with the Thespian’s Guild, he quickly fell into the traditions of his father, and abandoned that occupation soon after gaining his apprenticeship certification. It did, however, prove valuable later in life, through its unique skill set and training in acrobatics and juggling. First Shiv did common labor jobs along the docks, but eventually began operating as an independent thief among the smaller gangs in the central guilds of the Griffons, for a few extra coins.

In the last few years Seumas earned the nickname “Shiv” for his work as a part-time enforcer for some of the supporting guilds of the Griffons, particularly the Panther Gang, who control the dockyards. He has also worked as a small-time independent burglar, putting some of his acrobatic skills to use.

Unexpectedly, Shiv swore fealty to Baron Tervin Blackshield, on the evening of 30th of Savor, TR 1049, making him a Yeoman of the Baron’s family. As an adventurer, he was tasked with resolving the problems of a “giant’s incursion” in the northern portions of the realm. The matter was seemingly resolved, when he and his companions convinced the giant Muckleglum to move into a wild and abandoned part of the forest, far from Thornkeep’s farms. This was reported to the Baron through his wife on the 14th of Shorn, TR 1049.

During his stay in Thornkeep, Shiv he gained a reputation among the ruling clan, in particular Lady Ivis Blackshield, by serving her and the castle through several quests. In most other matters, he remained fairly out of the political landscape. He was also noted as taking an interest in the young elven maiden Trellara “Nightshadow”. During his time at Green Dagger Farm, he resided in the Fallen Tower Vaults.

Among the relics he bears, are the Imperial Blade, and the ancient relic of Korg, the Wand of Secrets. He also possesses the odd artifact, the Malachite Cat. He also recovered a pair of Boots of the Winterlands from bandits in Raider’s Roost.

In early-TR 1050, as the winter drew to a close and dissatisfied with the direction of the group, as well as feeling he had no real place among them, Shiv took his belongings and abandoned the _Fallen Tower Vaults. Promising to keep in touch, Shiv made his way to Mornhaven, where he is believed to have made contact with his old friends in the Panther Gang of the Griffons, where he once served as a contractor.

Yeoman Seumas "Shiv" Keeper

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