Siusaidh "Sweet" Ironhand, "Laughing Hammer"

Goliath Rogue (Bounty Hunter)


Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand is a Goliath maiden, known for her propensity to solving matters directly with her fists. Typical or her mountain clansmen, she stands a booming 7’1", and with her blueish-grey skin marked with mottled blue markings, and a massive mane of brown hair (usually tied into a long, bushy tail), she stands out in the crowds of her hometown of Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails. She weighs a dense 295-lbs, and has found that no mount seems capable of carrying her for any great distance, instead staying afoot and loping away the miles with her impressive endurance.

Her other features, however, are unremarkable, save for the booming all-or-nothing sound of her voice. While she can be quiet at need, “Sweet” is best known for speaking too loudly and directly when in conversation with people (+1 to all “Intimidation” checks, but -1 to all “Persuasion” checks). Nonetheless, she can often be heard singing (often too loudly) wherever she goes. She especially loves thunderstorms, and some (usually not within ear shot) say she has a “… voice like thunder…”, particularly on nights when she might stand outside a tavern, looking up into a stormy night sky and reveling in the electric display above and around her.

Sweet gained the name “Ironhand” for her swift and strong attacks, and while physically intimidating, is remarkably fast and agile for her size, using surprise and stealth to run her quarry to ground before resolving the issue with whatever tool she has at hand, usually her hand-made maul. She prefers weapons that display a certain finesse that most opponents don’t expect. She enjoys to swim, and is actually quite good at it, and has always displayed a talent with escaping from ropes and other bindings (+1 bonus to Dexterity checks to wriggle free of any bonds).

Sweet has always been a little possessive about what’s hers. She likes her own room, or failing that, her own bed and will not share a bunk. She always demands her fair share of reward; if she provides a service, that service must be paid in full. If you step into her territory, you will pay her a tax for the opportunity. However, she’s not too picky on it being coin; goods, services or other payment is fine, provided it has an equal and useful value.

Personality traits:
I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
There is always a price to be paid, whether it’s a favour for a favour or luck vs unluck. There is a balance that needs to be kept.

People. I’m loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can take a trip down the Styx for all I care. (Neutral)

Nothing is more important than my tribe.
(Sweet considers the party to be her tribe)

My greatest fear is that when my tribe most needs me, I will freeze, like my ancestor did in my dream.

In addition to her other starting equipment, Sweet bore 200 sp in two tight-bound 100-coin strings as a cash reserve from her latest bounty hunting efforts, usually laid at the bottom of her pack. She also had a 100 gp bracer of engraved silver set with a single bloodstone on her left wrist, a legacy of her hunting days, given to her by her mentor.


She is devoted to Sarrok – The Gray Slayer, mostly through her clan’s traditions as soldiers, but also through her experience in many of the same circles as the soldiers of the Warduke’s army. Sweet has a simple bronze cloak pin of The Gray Slayer, a legacy of one of her friends, and has discovered that it often opens doors for her when she meets actual professional soldiers and mercenaries, though thugs and bandits take little stock in its representation. She knows that she could easily find employment in most frontier noble retinues, based on her appearance alone, if the money ever ran out. but that would be boring.

Sweet has built a working relationship with Sword Brother Eldrast, having spent many days helping him cleanse the diseases under the fields of Haven brooks Farm, and burning the ant corpses, though this latter proved very difficult. Sweet is now considered to have a standing of One (1) Renown with the Order of the Broken Blade sect of the church of Sarrok.



The Misty Crags

Siusaidh is the distant cousin to her clan leadership, the Snowrock clan of the Misty Crags, many days travel to the far west of the city, though she has gained a favorable reputation among their skalds. Her family name seems relatively popular among her people, should she ever choose to visit them. In particular, she is noted as coming from a long line of soldiers in the highland clan armies, which was part of what led her father to make the long journey into the lowland cities, seeking to gain wealth and experience fighting the lowlanders.

Her father became a part-time laborer in the city, moonlighting with the Panther Gang on the Royal Docks of Mornhaven by night as an enforcer. Eventually drawn into the Green Dagger Gang as one of its chief enforcers, he placed his young daughter in their creche for safe-keeping, while he did jobs for this rising guild. When the gang collapsed with the sacking of its headquarters and death of its lead members at the hands of adventurers, he was busy in the north end of the city, and while he escaped its initial conflicts, he was cut down during the feeding frenzy that followed among the other member gangs of the Griffons, as they scrambled to take over the Daggers territory.

After being fostered in the care of Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow for a number of years, she was eventually apprenticed to a hunter/trapper who wandered the eastern Smoke Glens near Mornhaven, and trained her in the skills needed to track and hunt game. Eventually earning her independence, Siusaidh moved back to the city and adapted those skills to hunt smarter game, namely becoming a bounty hunter. Her distinctive appearance often ruins her for more delicate work, but she has garnered a reputation among the independents and smaller gangs of the city as a reliable hunter of men.

Recently, she was contacted by a courier operating from a licensed litigant, who gave her a letter claiming she had inherited a part claim to the Green Dagger Farm; Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow had died, and left you and the other children he had saved, in his will. With the promise of some wealth, and partly to pay your respects to a man who had saved her from certain death, she has traveled to the trade town of Hexwater, hoping to meet the other children in her creche, who are also set to inherit the farm.

During her stay among the rogues of Thornkeep, she has gained a good reputation among the warriors and followers of Sarrok, the Gray Slayer, in particular its local priest, Sword Brother Eldrast. Sweet otherwise stays out of local politics, though she isn’t shy or quiet in most other regards. She has a cot and chest in the hidden Fallen Tower Vaults kitchens, that she calls “home”.

Among the relics she has recovered, are the powerful Breastplate of Shades and Rushes, the Sentinel Shield, and the odd artifact known simply as the Ebony Raven. She also wields Erilyn’s Kiss, and owned the Moonstone Amulet for a time, but has since traded it for the Riven Blade – “Sparks”. Her hereditary maul, Last Laugh, had begun to display superior abilities, as well, though these abilities have since been taken over by the Riven Blade, following its extensive use and appearance in the fight against Mog-Lathar, the Petrified Spider. She uses the Axe of the Upper Halls more as a general tool in camping and not as a weapon.

She recovered the ancient relic, the Ring of Torag in mid-Kelen, TR 1050, and wears it to great effect. She has also willingly bonded with a cursed Goldwood RIng. In early-Nolus, she acquired a pair of Cinnabar Goggles, from the possessions of the Cult of the Spider God, who worshiped Mog-Lathar.

Following months of careful bribery and grooming, she has managed to gain the trust of Shadowmist, and can call upon him at need if she should require a mount for battle, or some other needful purpose. Though always having a pocketful of dried apple slices has also helped ensure his loyalty.

Siusaidh "Sweet" Ironhand, "Laughing Hammer"

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