Tardin "Ironjaw"

Blade Wannabe


Fur-trapping is an important industry in the Echo Wood, and many trappers sold their pelts at “Tardin’s Trade”, a local mercantyler specializing in hides and furs. Tardin “Ironjaw” is a loudmouthed bully and a braggart whose orcish heritage accounts for his short temper. His last name is self-assumed. He surrounds himself with a band of thugs who found trapping and woodcutting to be too much work. Tardin was a difficult man to do business with, as he cheats any trapper who doesn’t force him to deal fairly.

It was an open secret in Thornkeep that Tardin was the power behind the Ironjaws, a new “guild” (more properly a gang) with aspirations of extorting a hefty cut from everyone who isn’t strong enough to stand up to them. Such coercion is normally considered the Three Daggers territory, and many figured it was just a matter of time before Tardin’s gang and Master Daemon Tarrasque’s thieves settled the question for good with steel.

He and his principle thugs were slain on the 2nd of Echos, TR 1049, by the adventurers during the light of day, officially on the behalf of the local ruling Blackshield clan, and their assets were confiscated by the adventurers and the Blackshields.



The new gang in Thornkeep, the Ironjaws were a band of human and half-orc hunters, thieves, brawlers, and thugs working for the fur trader Tardin. The Ironjaws began challenging the Three Daggers’ protection racket by robbing businesses currently paying off the thieves, roughing up their customers, and assaulting their families. If there’s a gang in town everybody wanted broken and scattered, it was the Ironjaws. With the death of their leader and principle enforcers, the gang dissolved.

The shop remains abandoned and an open reminder of the deadly power of the adventurers in the local community.

Tardin "Ironjaw"

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