Tarn Darkmoon

Head of the Darkmoon clan


Master Tarn Darkmoon is the leader of the Darkmoon clan and its associated minor branch, the Brightmoon clan. The clan operates mostly from the fortified holding at Darkmoon Manor, from which they trade their ham, cheese and venison to Mistress Nessa Greenfoot, on a regular basis. They also breed some of the best horses in the region. Master Darkmoon is a thick-waisted, broad-shouldered man of some fighting prowess, often noted for his fondness for drink, feasting and women, in that order.

The clan is very self-sufficient, and are universally known for being stubborn and somewhat pugnacious towards others, and rarely make the trip south into Thornkeep, except on market days when they trade for luxuries like fine woolen cloth and new weapons. As expected, the clans maintains a respectable militia, known for using traditional Ninn tactics of defensive shield walls and short bows to devastate those who might approach them.



Darkmoon Crest

The Darkmoon clan occupy the majority of the population, and dwell in the fortified manor that bears their name. They occupy the position of authority among their kin, and Tarn, their headman speaks for the clans many members. They are a militant folk who seem quite aggressive when they associate with others in the area. Most confrontations with the clan usually end in brawls and sometimes even duels.


Brightmoon Crest

The Brightmoon clan is a smaller affiliated clan of farmers and huntsmen who live in small steadings near Darkmoon Manor. Their archers are among the best in the clan, and politically they bow to the demands of their leaders, though Oreena Brightmoon speaks for her own kin at moots. In addition, many claim the fey blood runs deeply in the Brightmoon clan’s veins, and their people are known as good herbalists and healers.

In recent months, the band of ogres from the Skull-Basher’s Den have been marauding across the northern hunting ranges of the clans, and are proving particularly difficult to deal with.

Tarn Darkmoon

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