Master Daemon Tarrasque

Richest man in Thornkeep


Master Daemon Tarrasque is the newest master merchant to establish a shop in the local area. He holds the local title of Guildmaster among the various merchants, and has a great deal of sway among the Mangai. A wiry gray-haired man with a large, bristly mustache who maintains the facade of being a respectable merchant, but is believed to secretly run the largest and most powerful faction in Thornkeep, the Three Daggers thieves’ guild.

The large shop known as “Thornkeep Mercantile”, stocks a variety of staples and provisions popular among caravans and in support of the local forestry operations. Outwardly, Tarrasque is a reasonably honest businessman, cheerful and talkative, and deals fairly with customers. However, rumors persist that he commands an army of thugs and that his new warehouses hide deep cellars stuffed with ill-gotten booty and the rotting skeletons of those who stood in his way.

Master Tarrasque lives in a large, well-protected manor house west of town, known as Tarrasque Manor. Recent scouting of this manor has revealed the place to be large, well-appointed and certainly out of place in such an isolated, inconsequential village. Among its dozen guards and handful of servants, resides an unknown maiden, “Ice Rose”.


The “Three Daggers” Guild Mark

The single strongest faction in Thornkeep, the Three Daggers, is a traditional thieve’s guild, running a local protection racket and dabbling in smuggling, petty theft and out-right banditry at times. When a particularly strong message needs to be made, a band of knife-wielding thugs are known to murder targets, leaving their calling card behind at the scene; the “Three of Swords”. None of the rogues have ever been caught, though whether because of their skills, or because they have the local guards well-paid, remains unknown.


Master Daemon Tarrasque first came to town about three years ago, and within a year had established his position as a powerful new Blade. Last year, he expanded his holdings in town, building two ample warehouses and enclosing the yard in a thick stone wall.

He is easily the richest man in town, and some say, the real force to be reckoned with in Thornkeep. He represents the local trade council in Baron Tervin Blackshield’s court, and holds the local title of Guildmaster.

Following the events of the Night of Teeth, Tarrasque has remained very quiet. He has stepped back from many of the events swirling through the community, and while he participates in the Baron’s Council, he has largely differed his opinion to the Blackshields. Even the activities of the Three Daggers have gone underground, like most beasts in winter.

During a scouting of Tarrasque’s manor, Ricochet and Sprout uncovered the fact he is keeping a young woman at his home, known to the adventurers only as the “Ice Rose”. Her presence seems unknown to the community at large.

Master Daemon Tarrasque

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