Thelsterex "Jaderazor"

Master of the Echo Wood


The most dangerous dragon dwelling within the Echo Wood is Thelsterex, an adult green dragon. The fey magic of his domain has granted Thelsterex a tainted, nasty visage and causing hard, spiky growths to sprout from his scales. Because of his fearsome and unnatural appearance, the Wolfmanes of the forest have taken to calling him by another name; “Eruktul-Nabuk”, or “Jaderazor”.


Thelsterex is an arrogant and jealous creature, who spends much of his time searching for potential rivals and driving them from “his” forest. A few smaller and weaker young drakes skulk about Echo Wood, mostly his own younger siblings and a couple others whose progenitors have long since vacated the forest or been defeated years ago, and Thelsterex makes sure none of them ever get the idea to establish themselves here.


Thelsterex "Jaderazor"

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