Master Thuldrin Kreed

Head of the Hexwater Mangai


Master Thuldrin Kreed is the leader of the Mangai’s Hexwater chapter, and plays the part of the town’s bully, being more than a little sadistic and cowardly. Unfortunately for Hexwater, he also runs the town he bullies. Often surrounded by thugs and murderers made loyal with coin (on the rare occasions he leaves his palatial house), Thuldrin takes an unwholesome pleasure in causing his fellow man to suffer. Strangely enough, he spends countless coins from his guild’s coffers trying to protect the people of the community from marauding bandits and monsters. Once he is sure of his underling’s safety, however, he wastes no time in tormenting them and torturing them himself.

Unmistakably foul and cruel-hearted, Kreed uses sometimes petty but always passive-aggressive tactics against those who stand up to him. He frequently vents his frustration with his under-preforming underlings or demanding bosses on his oft-neglected son, Juris. Thuldrin usually even forgets he has a son until he needs someone weaker than himself to punish. When surrounded by his hired goons, though, Thuldrin frequently possesses something resembling a spine, and he has little trouble hiding behind them while calmly leveling insults and challenges. Of course, Thuldrin controls nearly all the power and coin in Hexwater, so those who truly anger him will suffer for their impudence.



Master Kreed rose from the ranks of the foresters of the region, paying his dues and working the political edge of things until he was the leader of the Hexwater guild. He quickly turned matters around, and within three years had a firm grasp of the region’s criminal elements, and soon became the most powerful man in the lordship.

As one of the most hated men in the region, Master Kreed does little to win over the townsfolk, or most people in general. Many who pass through the region wonder at how such a despicable man has remained in power for so long and why no one has bothered to try and depose him. While it is true that anyone with a strong enough blade could probably slay him, he nonetheless commands enough power to keep control over the economy of the town of Hexwater and its exports. He maintains the contacts and hired muscle needed to support his reign.

Against obvious threat of violence, Kreed maintains an important defense; Payden Trim and his enforcers. Trim’s contribution to Kreed’s safety is direct and straightforward – the burly guildsman and his enforcers act as Kreed’s own bodyguards, keeping him from direct harm. Knowing that a determined assassin’s blade could not be kept from his neck, however, has meant that much of his ready coin is paid into the coffers of the local Lia-Kavair, morally corrupt adventurer bands, and similar groups of a questionable bent. The Ironstone Gang, the lead group of thieves in Hexwater, usually perform tasks for him in exchange for a generous stipend to their organization. Thuldrin views this as more of an investment, as they pay him back in duties his own thugs cannot, or are unwilling to do.

As the powerful master of an important guild in the region, Thuldrin also receives some amount of protection (implied or actual) from the Timberwright’s Guild. In order to stay on the good side of the guild, he must expend a portion of his take to sustain the illusion of ever-increasing profits, frequently using his other investment income to hire extra workers when bandits or barbarian attacks cut into production. He once only had to put out a little coin once or twice a year to maintain this, but lately has begun to view it as a monthly expense, and is thinking about how a lord of the realm could take the tax from timber-cutting directly into his own pockets. It’s within the realm of possibility, that he could usurp the lordship itself, and become its absolute ruler.

Master Thuldrin Kreed

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