Tomas Magnum

Patriarch of the Magnum Clan


Tomas Magnum is the patriarch of the influential Magnum clan of the City of Bright Sails. He lives in a palatial black marble residence surrounded by his family and numerous acquisitions. Known for his skill at finance and administration, they support many small traders through investments and sale of the clan’s many personal interests and goods.

His eldest son, Radulph is a noted physician, while his second son Altair is a scribe and lexigrapher, who looks after the clans many trade interests. His fourth son, Frankin serves as the clan’s litigant, and speaks many different languages. His eldest daughter Shalimara is a chandler, and his third daughter Rema, is a clothier.



As expected, the clan based its wealth and origins in the trade of ale and wine, and still has many interests in various breweries around the town. They have since expanded their interests into various trade ventures and back several caravans under the numerous independent costers in town.

Their primary rivals are the Woodhew clan, and although they hold more political clout than that clan, they are not as popular among the common folk. Increasingly, the clan is attempting to influence the Mangai towards their own personal agenda against their rivals, and increasingly there is blood in the streets between work parties carousing in the night hours.

Tomas Magnum

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