Torra Stonefarmer

Dwarven Stone Mason


Torra Stonefarmer is the best builder in town, a dour dwarven woman who takes personal offense when someone new to town tries to build their own house or shop without her services. She does credible work, though she claims no official title from the Mangai; most people in town still call her Master.

Torra heads up a small band of human and goblin laborers, while she designs, engineers and helps build most of the simple structures needed in the community. While she might like to get a contract to maintain the castle, Caer Dragonscorn, but most barons of Thornkeep do not concern themselves with such expenses. Torra operates out of both a local workshop, and Triumph Quarry, where the bulk of her stonework comes from, though she also spends time tearing down local ruins and abandoned farm cottages for stone and timber.


Carved Limestone (Ashlar Block)

Common, shaped limestone of good quality sells for 2 sp per 2’-square, 100-120 lbs block. These same stones could fetch perhaps double this in Hexwater or more in the Mornhaven markets, but is usually not worth the trip. Most of her costs in construction come from labour.



Torra came to town from the Kingdom of Greysmere in TR 1034 as a mercenary, but soon discovered that no one in town had the ability to make a proper home or a workshop that would last beyond a few seasons, and realized that she could make a good living just by selling her expertise. She has kept a very low profile ever since, but does good work despite having to employ sometimes questionable workers.

Her present task is building a series of houses for the farmers of Green Dagger Farm, for which she is gathering supplies and planning to begin in the early spring of TR 1050. There is rumor she has also been engaged in rebuilding the local manor on a new site, a task which will occupy much of her time over the next year. She has been seen wandering the northern reaches of the village, surveying various sites.

Torra Stonefarmer

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