Abecean Longfin

Rare Fish


Abecean Longfin have a wonderful silvery-blue stippling pattern with long, delicately flowing fins, and several pinkish/gold lines along their spines. Long and graceful, they grow to roughly a foot long, with powdery-blue colors on their flanks and slight brown speckles. It is found in Silvershadow Lake, and is also caught by the Sootscale Kobolds in their underground fishery.

Longfins have relatively short life-spans, with most living to four or five years, at best. They constantly zoom about in small schools that travel large distances across the lake. When encountered in large groups of five or more, they are fairly passive, but when encountered in small numbers, they are very aggressive. They are known to occupy themselves by playing against stream currents, and sometimes jump into and against rapids.

Longfins are not what you would call fussy eaters, and will eat nearly anything that presents itself. They tend to mainly feed on algae, but also on insects and worms when given the chance. After spawning, both sexes will greedily feast on their eggs and even their own frys with a relish. Any eggs that survive will hatch as a small fry in about two days after spawning, who then spend the next seven days or so floating with the currents eating algae along the stream and lake bottoms, before they are no longer in danger of readily being eaten.

Cooked fresh, they have a light, delicate flesh that is very pleasing and readily takes other spice flavors. Smoke-dried, their taste is dominated by the type of wood used to smoke them, but they are popular in travel rations, for their different taste from the greasy smoked beef and deer that is common in most rations.

Abecean Longfin is a rare fish, sometimes reaching market in the hands of elven traders, and always smoke-dried. They sell for anywhere from 2-3 sp per pound, typically amounting to a pair of smoke-dried fish. Fresh, they could sell for more, but are difficult to acquire. Rumors hint they might have value to healers as an ingredient in Healing potions.



Only appearing at market a couple times each year, the Abecean Longfin is a popular trade good of the Noraldai elves, but was also encountered by the adventurers when they visited the Sootscale Caverns.

It has also been confirmed to be valuable as a component in Healing Potions by Brishtargera Greenbottle, though she has hinted that it needs to be fresh.

Abecean Longfin

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