Blue Whinnis

Poison (Injury)


Blue Whinnis Poison is a toxin created from the Blue Whinnis fungal mould which has a pale blue hue, but is also sometimes harvested from the sap of the rare Blue-Thorned Whinnis Vine. In its basic mould form, it is only mildly toxic possibly causing the eater a bout of nausea. To create Blue Whinnis Poison, the toxic elements need to be properly extracted and refined.

Given the nature of the poison, it is popular among kidnappers and slavers, and is often harvested from dedicated gardens made in underground cellars. It’s pale blue color makes it easily identified, and its cost makes its one of the most commonly encountered poisons in a thieves’ arsenal. It is commonly found in simple glass potion containers, each representing a single dose.


Effects : As an injury poison, any creature that takes slashing or piercing damage from an envenomed weapon or piece of ammunition is exposed to its effects. A creature subjected to this poison must succeed on a DC 14 Constitution (Poison) saving throw, or be rendered unconscious, similar to a 1st Level Sleep (Enchantment) spell.

This poison may be harvested and purified to create a single Blue Whinnis dose, provided the character has proficiency with a Poisoner’s Kit, but they also grant their bonus to any check to extract the poison; one must also have access to a patch of Blue Whinnis mould in order to attempt the harvesting. Harvesting requires d6 minutes followed by a DC 20 Intelligence (Nature) check to succeed. On a failed check, the attempt does not succeed. On a failed check by DC 5 or more, the character is subjected to the poison’s effects.

The poison has a market value of roughly 1200 sp, per dose.


Blue Whinnis

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