Boots of the Winterlands

Wondrous Item (Boots), Uncommon (Requires Attunement)


These fur-lined boots are snug and feel quite warm. They weigh 4-lbs.


While you wear them, you gain the following powers;

  • You have resistance to cold damage.
  • You ignore difficult terrain involving ice or snow.
  • You can tolerate freezing temperatures as low as -50C without any additional protection. If you wear heavy winter clothes, you can withstand temperatures as low as -75C.

Often known as “Frost’s Embrace”, these boots are prized possessions among hunters and other creatures that make a living in the northern wilderness of Argoth. They are often especially prized by merchants who want to make late caravan trips after the snows begin flying.

A pair of these prized footwear are owned by Yeoman Seumas “Shiv” Keeper, “Black Knife”.

Boots of the Winterlands

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