Cauldron of Plenty

Wondrous Item, Rare (Requires Attunement)


Ancient beyond measure, the Cauldron of Plenty appears as an old, well-used and -loved iron cauldron of the type most might encounter in almost any peasant’s home or noble’s kitchen. Under the light of a full moon, each displays silver inscriptions etched in its sides, of women and men enjoying themselves at a harmonious feast.


This enchanted iron kettle can produce nourishing, simple fare sufficient to feed up to 36 people per day upon command. Once per week it can also be commanded to create a Heroes’ Feast, as per the 6th Level Conjuration spell, for up to 12 people. The Cauldron needs neither fire nor ingredients to produce food; it does so instantly upon command.

The Cauldron weighs 25-lbs.


The Cauldrons of Plenty were all made of truesilver, mined and forged on the same evening under the light of a full moon of the First World, by the god-hero Gadhelyn.

One of these valuable relics has been found in the possession of Muckleglum the Hill Giant.

Cauldron of Plenty

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