Cornucopia of the Needful

Wondrous Item, Rare (Requires Attunement)


This conical basket is woven from the bark of various deciduous trees. Attached to it with a bit of dried grapevine is a clay medallion bearing the holy symbol of Korg – Father of the Fields.


The Cornucopia of the Needful was created to provide Korg’s most intrepid followers with aid for their families and communities. For as long as you possess the Cornucopia and are attuned, you can withdraw up to ten fruits from it every morning. When consumed as an Action, this fruit has an effect as though eating a Goodberry (per the 1st level Transmutation spell). Each fruit disappears after 24 hours if not eaten, or when another batch is summoned. The following morning, the cornucopia again yields up to ten fruit.

Relic Power : In addition, if the owner is a recognized cleric of Korg, they can summon a Heroes Feast (per the 6th level Conjuration spell). This ability recharges daily, each morning.


Legend says that Korg wove these conical baskets himself, then gave them to his favored followers to bless those who needed them most.

One of these wondrous items is held by Mistress Idara.

Cornucopia of the Needful

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