Droskari Metal Alloy


“No other race has replicated whatever process was used to create droskari metal. Although it can be easily mistaken for bronze – and in fact many forgers of dwarven materials will use bronze to create their fake replicas – it is most definitely a distinct type of metal of its own.”


Droskari Metal is a brittle, flaky metal that looks like bronze, but with a distinct golden cast to it. When forged it becomes as hard as steel, but keeps a much finer edge, making edged weapons of exceptional keenness. While not steel at all, forged droskari weapons are often called “gold steel” for their color. Droskari metal weapons and armor are difficult to smelt once they have been forged.

It requires a true master to forge weapons of droskari metal, and there are few enough metal ingots to be found in the world to make modern droskari weapons rarer than gold. The metal is never found as an ore, hinting at it being an alloy, but the knowledge of making droskari metal died with the Droskari clan’s decent into evil and their eventual destruction.

Weapons forged of droskari metal are always considered a masterwork weapon, granting a bonus +1 to hit rolls. They cannot be made in the modern world, outside of the forge enclaves of the dwarven Kingdom of Greysmere. The discovery of these weapons in the present era has all but ceased, though sometimes swords and battleaxes can be found around Echo Wood.

Armor can be forged from this metal, but other than its unusual appearance, it lends no additional value to any pieces made from it. Droskari armor can sometimes be found, typically plate armor, helmets and shields, but never anything more articulate or fine. This armor tends to be thick and heavy, typical of older bronze armors, often weighing 1.5x normal value, but of the same strength as normal steel plate armors.


Droskari Thrall

Sometimes, ancient handfuls of droskari metal coins can also be found, each an eight-sided bronze-tinted iron coin with the head of a droskari warrior on one side, and the holy symbol of Droskar on the obverse. These coins are commonly known as “Thralls”.

Typical droskari metal ingots have a market value of 300 sp per 2-lb ingot; weapons and armor have a resale value of three times their standard market value. Droskari Thralls are worth a copper piece each, and are not very popular among craftsmen or dwarves. Sometimes presenting a handful of them for payment is seen as an insult.



Droskari Metal Artifacts

Droskari Metal is typically found as 2-lb ingots in ancient dwarven ruins in the Hinterlands region of the Forest Kingdom. The name connects the metal to the clan that anciently made a pact with the demigod Droskar – The Dark Smith, and subsequently lost their clan name to history.

The metal does not appear in nature, and is believed to be an alloy of bronze (itself an alloy), gold and iron in unknown ratios. It’s physical appearance to bronze and gold supports this theory, but only the ancient forge-masters of the the Kingdom of Greysmere know for certain.

Small choice pieces of scrap metal of droskari origin can be smelted down into droskari metal ingots, but thick scrap metal pieces, such as gate struts and larger components, cannot be re-smelted, and thus have little to no value to a smith. They do have a decorative value, and sometimes can be sold to someone trying to make dwarven replica tools or furniture.

Droskari Metal Alloy

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