Hornblade's Battleaxe

Weapon (Battle Axe), Uncommon


This battleaxe has a worn handle of old oak spiked with iron bolts, securing it to an ornate iron haft and axe head. The blade bears a unique stamp of a cross in its upper blade.


Wielding Hornblade’s Battleaxe grants a bonus of +1 to attack and damage rolls.


Taken from the care of the old bugbear chief Hornblade, of the Briarheart tribe of bugbears, it was his prized possession. It’s ancient make hints of it being a relic of some fallen Ninnellen clan.

The “Hornblade” was held by Dame Kahli of Whiterock for a time, though it is now stowed among the adventurers treasures for someone else to clam, in the Fallen Tower Vaults.

Hornblade's Battleaxe

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